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Alcatraz by Plumb-it

Sounds like a racehorse doesn’t it? Alcatraz by Plumb-it. Actually this is part of a small parade of shops in Bromborough. When you need a hair cut or some plumbing tape (or a spanner) you can kill two birds with one stone.

Ironically we talk about escaping from Alcatraz. In Bromborough blokes escape to Alcatraz. They pop out with a parting shout over the shoulder saying “just nipping out for a hair cut loov (or plumbing tape or spanner)”. When there they sit in a line waiting for their turn in the chair. Short back and sides and a bit of a trim off the top please. Or number one all over.¬†Whatever suits. Off to the match this afternoon?

Something for the weekend sir?

No birds were killed during the making of this post and no mention was made of holidays.

By Trefor Davies

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