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Sat in the shed last night watching the Imps lose to Fleetwood and caught a glimpse of something moving in the garden. Rewound the CCTV and saw it was a cat. These animals are too small to get picked up by the motion detectors which is a shame as it would be quite interesting to see what wildlife we get in the garden. Seen a fox a couple of times but that is primarily because someone has seen it looking from the house and I knew when to look on the recording. Not a biggie 🙂

Noticed a couple of onions planted at the weekend already poking through. This bodes well. Still have a few left hanging in the garage from last year’s crop. We didn’t grow enough to last the winter so I treat myself to using one or two on special occasions 🙂 The smaller ones were pickled and those have long since gone.

Breakfast this morning was cooked on the griddle. Two rashers of smoked bacon, three small banana pancakes and a fried egg with chopped chillies. Can’t see myself going back to using a frying pan for cooked breakfasts although I have been eyeing up a De Buyer carbone pan which I will probably buy anyway because they seem to be the dogs. Had difficulty sourcing the right one online.

I have a day of relative tedium ahead of me. Three quotes and prep for an online trade show which has a deadline of today for submissions. Sigh. In my mind I have a plan to sort all this out. 

Fruitful enough morning session although only got one of the quotes done. Popped in for a cheese sandwich with ma gurl and now back at it. This PM I have to write an advert and make a video. I won’t have time really but see how it goes innit.

Finally booked a 4 nighter in Keld. Last week in May. Only a twin room but hey… 🙂 Has views looking out over the valley and a side window for looking at the fields next to the hotel. Sawonderful spot. Figured might as well carry on to North Wales after as we are swinging by the Peul on the way home but can’t book any hotels yet so that will have to wait.

Sat in the shed, sat in the shed, baby it’s cold out, sat in the shed.

Didn’t get the ad done or the vid but at least I know what I’m going to do with the ad and I’ll come up with something for the vid. innit.

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