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It’s another of those coldish pre-spring days. Not sure really where the line is drawn. There is an official start to spring but this is an artificial construct. Snowdrops know better. We just have to accept that not everything changes at the flick of a switch. That would not only make it boring but also risky. What happens if there is a power cut when the switch is due to be flicked.

Made it to the shed by 08.30 this morning. This is getting to be a habit. It is partly due to the fact that the mornings are growing lighter. I am not particularly motivated to do any real work at this time. Reality is that I’ve already checked the mail etc. 

I am also in the habit of checking reward flight availability for next year as the first job of the day. This is somewhat a futile endeavour because the good spots are pinched shortly after midnight each day. We want to fly to da Caribbean around 12th March next year for Shannon and Michael’s wedding. It’s easy enough to get economy seats but that does break Davies corporate rules. So in a couple of weeks I will have to train myself to stay up until after midnight for a few days. We have flexibility both in dates and destination. I remain optimistic. 

The return leg out of Boston is less of an issue. Plenty of reward flights available. It has to be a reward flight. These flights can be £4,500 – £7,500 per person per leg if you were stupidly rich enough to want to pay for them so reward flights are the way.

On the days I’m up after midnight I doubt I’ll be in the shed for 8.30.

Since beginning this post the working day has started but I am on mute on a conference call. It is a very multicultural group. Milan, Brussels, Utrecht, Dubai, Lincoln, everybody talk about, pop musik. I moved on to a discussion with someone in Amsterdam whilst emailing someone from Bournemouth. I think I’m feeling a little dizzy. 

Found myself singing “hey now ho now nonny nonny now” whilst making a lunchtime sandwich. Who on earth came up with nonny nonny now? Presumably an ancient lyric conjured up at a time before Shakespeare had shaken the vocabulary tree and made the invention of new words acceptable, trendy even. Gadzooks.

I find it perfectly acceptable to invent new words if it makes sense. I wouldn’t see the point of creating a new alternative to already popular words such as “and” and “lobotomy” but occasionally one does come across a situation where a new world might be deemed appropriate.

For example years ago there was a chap called Michael Dukakis who was a US presidential candidate, or something like that. Because Dukakis rhymes with car  keys Anne and I started  to call our car keys Michaels. It’s shorter, or at least it is only one where previously there were two. Nobody would have had a clue had we mentioned Michaels in public 🙂 We knew what we meant. Nowadays nobody ever hears of Michael Dukakis himself.

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