when heaters break

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Another flip flop day powered by a bit of sunshine on the shed and back garden. Not exactly warm in here though as the heater somehow switched itself off last night. It’s done this before but I can live with it. It isn’t worth the effort of debugging to find out if something is amiss. My hands are warming over a cup of tea and the blistering pace of typing this post.

It’s do the accounts and payroll day today. A bit tedious and actually one of the accounts department in the Netherlands does most of the work but I need to keep an eye on it. Also I still have to do the festival stuff myself. Once I get going on it I’ll be fine but it is an effort to start with.

The news this week has been full of rows over vaccine supply. The EU placed its order with Astra Zeneca three months after the UK as it appears to have spent the time haggling to get the best deal. The UK went in early and paid perhaps 3 x what the EU did but this was to fund the building of manufacturing facilities. In return the UK got first dibs on supplies. The EU didn’t get this and so is now whining that Astra Zeneca is not fulfilling the contract. The EU has vaccinated 12.9% of the population compared with 44.7% in the UK. I was a fan of the EU and voted remain but I have never been a fan of its bureaucracy.

The heater is broken and needs replacing!

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By Trefor Davies

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