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Not sure what I’ve done today so far and it is gone lunchtime. I did wake up at around 6.15 and booked a couple of reward flights to Trinidad for next March. Unlikely in the extreme I’d have paid for them at £8,300 one way for the two of us. Good use of Avios though. I’ve been building up to this point for weeks so it is good to get it out of the way. Now we can plan the rest of the trip at a slightly more leisurely pace. Hotels aren’t even booking that far ahead yet.

Whilst yesterday was declared the day that shorts would henceforth be worn today is flipflop day. This is partly driven by the fact that without socks my “back garden” shoes were squeaking when I walked. I know I know I could have put socks on but let’s face it. If it is shorts weather it is also barefeet weather and indeed this means flipflops.

Flipflops actually fit well with the longhaired hippy festival goer image I want to promote. I’m not even sure what smart gear I have left anyway. Certainly a load of Hawaiian shirts and flowery jackets but it is not yet Hawaiian shirt weather.

In the garden things are coming along nicely. The onions are doing well as is the garlic and the plums are starting to show new growth. Coming up to the best time of year. Moreover I have no plans to be anywhere else until the end of June at which point we are having a couple of nights of unrestrained blowouts in London, if it is the will of Allah. Or the Force. The Force is with us.

To write the rest of this piece I have removed my specs. In consequence I’ve had to zoom in on the page to effectively enlarge the font size in order to be able to see it. My eyes are 70 cms from the screen and at max zoom the writing is still a little blurred. Just need to rest them a little. I might go for an eye test. I rather fancy a green pair. I’ve had my current pair for years and the lenses are a bit scratched. If I squint a little the writing comes into better focus. I’m not sure whether this is down to some Fraunhofer effect through my eyelashes or a distortion of my eyeball altering the lens a little. 

As a bit of an experiment I’ve projected this onto the TV using Chromecast. At almost 6m ay I can’t read it without my specs. The writing on the monitor on the desk appears twice the size. 

Enough digression. Bring on the dancing girls. I’m digressing even further now! 

Talking about desktops I have yet to fit my new standing desk. This is because the job entails stripping everything off the current desk and placing it upside down on the floor to attach the standing desk mechanism. This is a bit of a faff as my monitors will need detaching and the Mac Mini removing from its mounting under the desk. There is also the very slight issuette that the desk exceeds the max dimensions specified for the frame but which they only elected to tell me after I’d ordered it anyway. It’s not a big difference and I’m sure I can sort it somehow even if it involves the judicious use of a circular saw. I doubt it will come to that.

Listening to a bit of Swan Lake on my shed stereo. Quite stirring. Was this or some rock but stuck with what was already lined up on Spotify and I think I’ve made the right decision. 

All is calm.

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