A good day out

A good day out at Gwyl Gelli Gandryll. Started the day with a meander through town and procured a couple of books including the Stephen Ambrose D-Day tome for four quid which was a bargain and Laurie Lee’s As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning for a fiver which wasn’t. It was a price I was prepared to pay.

Spotted a stall selling sheepskins in the market square. Fifteen quid for a largeish one and a tenner for a small. Lamb presumably. I’m going to go back and purchayse a large one tomorrow morning before we head off. It will serve as a general purpose “throw” for the shed.

Skipped the Lenny Henry session in favour of watching the FA Cup Final with Rhys et al but did make it back for Huw Stephens who was very good fair play. Bought his book which he signed “i Tref, cofion cynness, Huw x”. I couldn’t be arsed to queue and instead went to the bar. However @Carys did the business for me tvm.

Was a longish day yesterday and after consuming a mediocre supper in the food hall THG and I hit the hill, by shuttle bus, and returned to the Kilverts Inn for an early night.

This morning I am up at the the crack of dawn, well six thirty, refreshed and ready for another day of culture. First up is Bettany Hughes at ten and then a long, long gap until The Poetry Pharmacy with William Sieghart at five thirty. THG has something at one and then we have a long lunch arranged at Cotto, a restaurant onsite at the festival.

In between I daresay I’ll find something to watch/listen to. The BBC has a good tent. Festival goers here are of the BBC Radio 4 demographic. I imagine.

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