wake up and smell the hay

Woke up in Hay on Wye. Our first floor bedroom looks out onto the whitewashed stone walls of Haywain Antiques. An emporium of old second hand goods that might once have been new but long since discarded by their original owners who are quite probably dead by now.

The shop window visible from our room in Kilverts Inn is full of porcelain dogs that would once have sat either side of a fireplace or on the mantelpiece. My grandmother had some. One of the girls now has them I imagine.

We are shortly off down to breakfast and thereafter plan to stroll independently around the village. Separately because our interests are not compatible. I will happily meander through the maze of bookshelves that characterise this place as the literary centre of the universe or simlar. This is not for THG.

The bookshops are fine if you are looking for a specific volume and are prepared to pay at least the going rate. You will not find a bargain in Hay on Wye. These booksellers know their market pricing.

It is Saturday morning. Most mornings are henceforth a Saturday morning except for Monday mornings which remain Monday mornings. This is because I’ve cut down my hours and expressly elected to only work one morning a week, largely to be available for any administrative activities that might be thrown my way. Monday is that morning. I can change it to suit.

This is not a hard and fast rule as I am prepared to go on the occasional excursion to London and beyond for the purpose of luncheon and dinner. In the meantime I expect the long awaited garage and potting shed clear outs to commence along with the work to reduce my waistline. Fitness levels will increase. My book project can begin in earnest.

Breakfast was pretty ordinary. Standard pub breakfast fare. No marmalade! Apricot jam was offered as a mediocre alternative. I stood in line behind a young girl at the toaster. Her toast came out perfectly browned. Amazing for a hotel toaster. I put my single slice of bread in and along came another guest looking for the two slices he had previously started. Turns out the young girl had whipped them 🙂

In the meantime THG are spending time in the resident’s lounge, one of the few places we can get online. The walls to our room must be at least two feet thick and therefore a barrier to both 802.11 and GSM. I have a book with me which mitigates the problem but in order to post this I had to come downstairs.

Ok that’s it for now. Bookshops beckon. Matters for the mind.

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