Lockdown 2

An everyday story of Lockdown 2

It is a difficult start to 2021. Two of the 4 Davies offspring are having to self isolate due to either housemate or recent contact being tested positive. I have also received a tedious Office for National Statistics survey to complete and am having to do my dad’s tax return. The mid winter festival excesses are also suddenly over even though the twelve days are not yet up. I sense that in 2020 the excess started back at the beginning of lockdown in March, or even February on our holiday in California.

The weather is of the usual dour English January variety. My one meeting today was cancelled, probably due to lack of enthusiasm all round, so the opportunity was taken to finally put up the fence posts and wiring to espalier the cooking apple tree. The tree is a few years old now and it should have been done from the start but I think it will be ok. The rain and fading light has driven me in. The ladder will need putting back in the garage but I can do that when I am ready to leave t’shed. Momentary lapse into Yorkshire there.

Bojo is making an announcement ce soir at 8pm. Clashes with Southampton v Liverpool. He appears to be going to crank up the lockdown volume further. So be it. Bring on the dancing vaccine dispensers. Unsure at this point whether it will affect my game of golf with Coops tomorrow. Sense it will. Only 9 holes par 3 but gets you out and it isn’t serious stuff. 

Been lots of discussion about schools. Bojo says they are safe places to be and wants the kids to keep going. Unfortunately he is lying. OK let’s say being disingenuous. They might well be safe for the kids as they are unlikely to have adverse affects from Covid. However the staff won’t be safe and neither will the families of the kids when they take the virus home. I totally get the desire to keep them in school but in these current rapidly spreading virus circumstances schools are likely to be superspreader hotspots.

Tonight it is gourmet dining. Fish fingers with small spuds and either baked beans or peas. Am leaning towards the beans as they have a sauce and the peas option might be a little on the dry side.

The next month or two should actually prove to be quite interesting as it will just be Anne and I in the house. Normally when it is just the two of us we are both busy doing our own thing and meet up at certain times of the day. There will still be an element of this but we are both likely to be more in the house than away from it. Ok I’ll be in the shed for a lot of the time but the same logic still applies.

By Trefor Davies

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