c’mon baby light my fire

Sunday. Woke up this morning to a cup of char delivered by THG and an announcement that the central heating wasn’t working. Hmm. Outside there is frost on the kitchen roof. I opted to stay under the covers a little while longer.

When I eventually hauled myself out of bed I had another go at switching the heating on and this time it worked. No idea what happened there. Central heating eh?

Tis a misty day out. ‘orrible even. Autumn. Today I will attempt to bag leaves. You may be wondering about the choice of phrasing there: “attempt”. The fact is THG is out all day and trying to rake leaves into a bin liner on your own is a bit of a faff.

However I do have a plan. I will insert a bin liner into one of the recycling bins to hold it in place. Some of you will say that’s bleedin obvious Tref but it wasn’t to me. Just thought of it. This morning. After I discovered that THG is off out to lunch after church. A retired school teachers’ shindig. Having left the profession at the earliest opportunity she brings the average age down by about ten years. “Pass the salt please Margaret”. “WHAT?”

The kitchen is at present a scene of married bliss. I am sitting at the table typing away whilst my chosen life partner is doing something that involves a cardigan, a clothes hanger and some sellotape. It is our most used room. Where we spend much of our day. There and the shed obvs.

I may light the fire. Part of the plan is to tidy the bottom of the garden and make access to the pile of fence panels easier for the generation of kindling. Assuming I can get the chainsaw up and running. It’s been a couple of years. I have all the gear.

The great thing about Sunday mornings and not being a church goer is that one can ease into the day. Yesterday I bought a copy of the Financial Times Weekend edition. Impulse buy but I do like reading it from time to time. Four pounds eighty!! It has a good magazine telling me where I can spend my money. Rolex watches, Sunseeker speed boats, that kind of thing. Posh suits.V handy. At least there will be lots of paper to help with lighting the fire for the next few weeks.

We don’t light the fire that often. Just as a bit of a treat from time to time and when we have visitors. Wouldn’t want them to think we normally sat around in thick woollen jumpers, gloves and overcoats. What sort of impression would that give 😆

There is no wind out. Unusual.

Four 240l bin liners filled with leaves. Heavier than you think. That should be a load of good compost for next spring. They now reside around the back of the greenhouse, next to the compost bin, fwiw.

Also got the chainsaw out but tbh I’m going to leave it to the pros. Chain went loose very quickly. Took the opportunity to tidy the log pile up a bit. Cleared some space to provide easier access to the wood store for kindling. The oak logs will have to wait. They are fairly substantial and weigh a ton. Still a reasonable morning at the jobs list.

Now settling into an afternoon of sport. Liverpool on the wireless followed by Chelski v Man City on Sky later. It will take decades for people to stop calling them Chelski. Will have to wait for people to die off. I expect the Chelski fans have always called their side Chelsea. They know noothing 🙂In our house Liverpool are known as the Peul. You have to get the accent right.

Watching/listening to football nowadays is an interesting exercise in names. When I were a lad, in 1978 the squad looked thus:

Ray Clemence, Steve Ogrizovic, Alan Kennedy, Phil Thompson, Phil Neal, Joey Jones, Brian Kettle, Emlyn Hughes, Alan Hansen, Colin Irwin, Ian Callaghan, Jimmy Case, Steve Heighway, Ray Kennedy, Sammy Lee, Terry McDermott, Kevin Sheedy, Graeme Souness, David Johnson, Kenny Dalglish, Howard Gayle, David Fairclough.

Any observations? Steve Ogrizovic btw was a good cricketer and was described on Wikipedia as the best English keeper never to have played for his country. One of my claims to fame is that when Liverpool FC visited Peel Golf Club in the Isle of Man I ran over Ray Clemence’s wife’s foot with my golf trolley. She said “lucky I’m tough isn’t it” 🙂

I don’t remember all those names but some of them were major household names and some still very much around in the media today.

By Trefor Davies

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