I like weather

Somewhat exciting news this morning as my outfit for trefbash is out for delivery. I was initially suspicious of the UPS email as it said my delivery from North Pole was on its way. However looks like North Pole are the shipping handlers/forwarders. I’m hoping it will turn out ok. Wasn’t totes sure re the sizing. I was going to jump in the shower but that can wait. The UPS van is just down the road on Bunkers Hill.

This morning storm Debbie is gracing us with a visit. Not in all her splendour as she makes landfall in the North West I think. I’ve said Debbie but the BBC weather site says Strom Debi. I suppose the BBC could have made two typos. It’s probs Debi but definitely not Strom. I mean Debi? Wots wrong with Debbie? I know three Debbies. Two are still Debbie but one moved to the USA of A and is now a Deb. 

I like weather. When you grew up in North Wales and the Isle of Man, weather was normal. Wet and windy weather I mean. I do prefer to enjoy the weather from a nice and dry place with a vista, preferably floor to ceiling windows, onto a wild place. In my case the wild place is the back garden and the windows are provided by the shed.

As I write the bloomin delivery is getting further away. The van stopped at a couple of places on Wolsey Way and is now in that new estate off Nettleham Road, just past Waitrose. Dunno what it’s called. In fairness the ETA is between 07.40 and 09.40. Having dived into the showerI am now parked in the front room in a state of high excitement and alert. The things that keep us happy.

THG has already left for the gym and I will shortly wander to the shed. The package arrived:) great fit. You will have to wait for the trefbash pics to see what it is.

Fair bit done today. Fixed the Anne’s Vans shop. Not pushed any merch over the last year but a customer wanted top order a tee shirt so needed to upgrade a few plugins which in turn needed a php upgrade. Sorted now.

When we set up the shop I had big ideas about a separate line of business but tbh couldn’t be arsed to put any effort into it. Might reconsider this next year.

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