do carrots taste orange and other important questions of the day

Thought 4 the day seems to be coming on earlier. Bores the tits off me. It’s usually someone who is reading out their script and not very well at that. Bit annoying that I’m now getting up 5 minutes earlier because of it.

Playing classic fm on the chromecast in the shed. Felt fresh and raring to go so got in early this morning. Unfortunately the MacOS update that was set to run overnight didn’t as I’d forgotten to save a spreadsheet. Doh. The upshot was the usual wait whilst the mac did it’s thing so stuck the radio on and nipped out to the jardin to check out the onion action and other such spring like activity.

Must say it is a lovely fresh spring day. It’s been raining and that is good. It’s not a blazing sunshine job. Just nice.

This gives rise to a thought we had this morning after listening to the weather forecast. Well I didn’t really listen to it as nothing I have planned today is contingent on the weather. The thought entailed starting a weather channel. You could do it all using your phone in selfie mode and for convenience record it the day before. Obvs you’d want it to go out early but that would involve the faff of getting up and recording it at the crack of dawn, probs. So pre recording it is good. 

If you were off for a weekend away or even on a longer holiday you could record every day in advance. Clearly it would be possible to do the recording from your holiday location but that wouldn’t be much help for viewers tuning in specifically to hear the forecast for where you live. Unless you were holidaying at home but then this conversational  thread would be irrelevant.

It has been argued that the longer in advance you do the recording the less accurate it will be. This totally misses the value of such a programme. Knowing the high intelligence of the average reader I will not elaborate.

It was mentioned this morning on Facebook that 2020 might as well be wiped from the calendar is it never really existed. For many of us this is true but a large minority will remember it as having affected their lives for ever. For most though it would make a lot of sense if you could purge the dates from your calendars. Maybe we all feel like that.

Do carrots taste Orange is an important question of the day. The beauty of this question is that it can be posed any day. I have chosen today to put it on the table. Once you have digested the question let me have your thoughts.

Celebrity gossip column written by someone who wouldn’t recognise one if they fell over them in the street. I once looked to see the twitter top ten – the ten people with the most followers. I had only heard of five of them!


PS the weather ended up crap.

Sat up late for a change. Need to check reward flight availability after midnight. Don’t need to book yet but for planning purposes could do with seeing which destinations actually offer seats up front. Just over an hour to go.

It is windy out. I quite like the sound of the wind. When I was a kid I always lived near the sea and it was always windy. A good storm is one to be admired, from a safe perspective obvs. The waves crashing against the sea wall, soaking swathes of the promenade.

The hour is a long wait but I need to stay awake for it. If I set the alarm it would wake Anne up which would not be fair. She doesn’t need to be on the organising committee. Her lot is to approve the plans and be ready and waiting at the time the car comes to pick us up.

During my teens I lived in the Isle of Man. Still feels very much like part of me is still there. A great place to enter adulthood. It was mostly windy on the island and I recall one day when at uni in Bangor in North Wales a fellow student from London remarked to me how wet and windy the area was. I said I hadn’t really noticed as it was just like the Isle of Man 🙂

We have had two big BA reward flights in recent years. The first was where we flew first class to Hong Kong and the second in the same comfort to San Francisco. The latter was just before the pandemic exploded but more checks were already being made upon arrival to the USA. More checks for regular travellers that is. If you had Global Entry it was a breeze. Unfortunately Anne doesn’t have Global Entry. An executive decision was made and I went on ahead to pick up the luggage! No point us both standing for two hours in a slow moving queue. Ahem.

We would love to go back to the Isle of Man this year but we can’t plan it yet. Three trips have been cancelled inc 2 TT Weeks.

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