trim bush

Today they came to finish trimming our hedges. We have something like 50m of hedging.  I wouldn’t have done as good a job. Plus I didn’t have the time. You need to know when to pay a professional to do a job. Here we mostly pay professionals. Except when Anne does it. She does a quality job obvs.

Downed tools at around 4.15 and went for a walk. Just up the road a bit. Came on to hail and I turned round and was home after 30 mins or so.

Now chillin out in the shed. We are having a potato and celeriac gratin for dinner.

Hugh Hughes was born into a farming family. He was an artist. Someone of whom it was considered worth discussing his origins.

Why wouldn’t you want to be a publisher? 

I have a studio but it is given over to office and mancave.

Sat in a pub discussing life the universe and everything in welsh. Or Mongolian. Or dolphin language

Setting sail for the caribbean

Overland to Uzbekistan

I stand atop a mountain soaking in the majestic views

You can see for miles

Raining stair rods

The caribbean trip is a work of art

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