five twenty four

Goldarnit it is five twenty four, am, and I’m awake, bright eyed and up and at it. No point in resisting. Worst thing you can do is lie in bed trying to get some more kip when your body is saying, nope, it’s fine, had enough thanks, let’s get up and tend to the crops or go and hunt or gather some breakfast.

So I’m downstairs. In the tee vee room tending to the crops. Don’t like calling it the tv room. Not sure a tv is something that should have a room dedicated to it. More like a snug with a tv on the wall. It is snug,. Cosy. Only negative thing is that it is in the front of the house and therefore has road noise. Even at five twenty four, albeit occasional. More noticeable when the noise isn’t constant.

What is it that makes people drive somewhere at this hour? I know that society has to operate. Folk have to get into work for the start of the early shift. Others are on their way home after locking up at the night club. I suppose although it is only Tuesday. I think.

Comes back to this clock thing. Time. Ordered time. We only have a certain amount of it.  We chop it up into discrete periods and cram as much stuff in as possible. I can let you have seven minutes thirty five seconds. Well maybe.

Not sure why we bother with a television per se. There is rarely anything on I want to watch. If we are sat in the snug, as I now seem to call it, for the moment at least, as often as not I have my headphones on to avoid having to hear Greg Wallace or whatever that woman is called who seems to be on every cooking, knitting and woodworking show going. A presenter for the sake of being a presenter. Trying to encourage the contestants!

I like a bit of woodworking meself but don’t feel the need to watch a woodworking competition on the telly. It’ll be ludo next, or scrabble, or poetry writing. I do have a work bench in the garage that I could use to do my own woodworking although it is a little on the small side. It was made to measure to fit in the available space next to one of the fridge freezers. Could have moved the FF and had a bigger one but the FF is there because there is shelving to its left. Could have made the shelving shorter I suppose…

The shed is a multi purpose facility in the garden that could accommodate a decent sized workbench.  One of my thoughts during its planning and construction is that the shed would serve as an office, a studio and a workspace for the nurturing of creativity. Manãna. I could fit a workbench in there but would have to get rid of the second desk that is used by visiting offspring to ‘work from home’.

Spent some time last night working on the playlist for trefbash 14. Regulars will know that the format, almost since the get go, has been live jazz from around six pm until the food is served at sevenish followed by bopping to funk/swing/whateva thereafter. The clamour has been for more live bopping after the food and so what the people want the people get. The pre nosh jazz has been replaced with more funky dancing afterwards.

This year’s theme is ‘music festival’ and my thinking is sixties festival stuff until the food. Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix. That kind of vibe. We shall see. You will find out soon enough. Not long now. If you’ve never been and want to come drop me a line. I’ll squeeze you in.

Drizzly blustery walk to the shed this morning. I quite like this weather. Just switched the heating on so it will take a few mins to get to temperature. Switched on my machine and all the windows were already up and in position. Four email accounts/domains. Three businesses and a tref. I have had to close the news sites windows. Dunno why I even bother. Climate change, war, famine.

THG is going away for a couple of nights leaving me in charge. Not sure I like the responsibility. Tomorrow is bin day and I’ve already forgotten which one goes out. I’ll be able to see what others in the street do so that takes care of that. As long as I remember.

I do get to choose dinner. Tonight is very possibly steak night. Tomorrow is another day. Just another day. Problem is I quite fancy beans in toast but that ain’t keto friendly.

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