Sat in the kitchen cooking breakfast and waiting patiently to buy tickets for the Glastonbury music festival. Happens in June every year apaz with an occasional year off. I have seen it on the telly before now.

Am in two minds about going really but THG has indicated her willingness to support the venture and so an attempt will be made to buy tix when sales open. Apparently they are hard to get.

Now waiting in the queue to get on the booking site. Doesn’t bode well but at least I will have tried. I much prefer a scenario where you can dangle a credit card and buy a premium ticket that doesn’t involve queuing but I guess that is not Glastonbury.

I’ve always said I don’t mind going to a small festival that is easy to get to and not far from the accommodation. The Hay on Wye Literary Festival for example. We are booked into Kilverts pub for the weekend and the bus is only a short stroll away.

THoWLF itself is full of people a bit up their own backsides. The sort whose hands shoot up at the end to ask a pretentious question that maybe isn’t even a question but it designed to let others know they are very familiar with the differences between first and second translations of Beowulf or some similar knobbish subject.

None of that matters really. There is a goodish restaurant on site where me and Wildthing spent three hours having lunch this year and loads of pubs in town. Plus our v good friends @Rhys & @Eirian go together with @Ellen and @Carys and we have a good time. I’m going to join the “friends” this year to make sure I get early access to tickets for the Beowulf reading. There might be music on in the evenings. Certainly is in the pubs.

Eighteen mins now. Don’t worry I have two windows open on my macbook. As the countdown approaches zero I look to the side, in eager anticipation, natch.

Funnily enough the Glasto tickets for trefbash have not yet sold out. Woodstock have. There is a scenario whereby there will still be glasto tix left when the event capacity is reached which ain’t far off now with two and a half weeks to go.

The irony of all this is although Woodstock is a v famous festival it isn’t something I’d want to go to now, unless there was glamping or a luxury hotel onsite which clearly there wasn’t for the original. Doesn’t take place anymore anyway.

We are off to a festival next year already. Forest Live 2024 to see Nile Rodgers and Sting which we are v happy with. It is nearby and the walk from the campervan won’t be too far, one expects.

Busy morning ahead whatever happens with Glasto. @Max Wrenn delivered some wild mallard last night from yesterday’s shoot in Burton. I need to sort them out. Once you get going it isn’t too bad although feathers do tend to get everywhere. Gonna watch a vid first just to make sure I get it right.

Thirty eight minutes in. I do have other things I could be getting on with, like having a shower and getting dressed, but hey…

We are off “camping” in Norfolk with the gang next weekend. All go innit! We have a heated “pod” but I’m taking an extra heater along for good measure. Not going in a campervan. Too cold at this time of year. Ours are mostly now tucked away for the winter although we do have one out on hire this weekend for a photoshoot. Thassit then until April. We do have a programme of maintenance over the winter.

Noises coming from the kitchen. THG is busy. Always busy, fair play.

In other news Bitcoin is almost at £30k. I watch the price with mild self interest having not paid very much for mine years and years ago. The price is up 10k this year though 20k or so down on the peak. It’s almost like watching the South Sea Bubble in action, or Railway Mania, or the tulip explosion or whatever that one was called. People never learn. No point in selling mine. Might as well wait until it hits a million.

Blimmin ‘eck I’m nearly an hour into the queue. Can’t be that much longer before it sells out and the unsuccessful majority get put out of our collective miseries. Reminds me of the time I queued online for about three hours to buy Hannah and her mates tickets to see Adele at Wembley Stadium. Got them in the end. In the mosh pit, if you can call the standing area that covers practically the entire pitch that.

We all went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley last year. Wouldn’t bother again. We were sat on the back row and he was miles away. Did manage to get in and out of the carpark quickly though which was a result.

Thassit SOLD OUT. Just over an hour. You can still get tix for trefbash if you want to come but not for much longer as that will also sell out.

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