New Year 2023

Sluggish start to the day. Occasioned by some medicinal whisky taken last night. I have to say it caught me a bit by surprise as I didn’t have that much medicine. I don’t think you ever live and learn.

The shed needs a bit of a tidy. I can count at least three laptops strewn around the place with accompanying accessories. The place is not really my own at holiday time although one conference caller was booted to the conservatory when her inputs to her own meeting began to interrupt mine. I don’t have that many meetings as such and typically stay out of the shed if there are already two people in residence.

New Year’s Eve. Today we dream of world peace, love, happiness and hopes for a bright future. No homeless on the streets, no long waits at the NHS. Everyone has enough money  to satisfy their needs so no strikes. I don’t think this is asking too much. Why can’t we have all this?

I hope that 2023 brings you all of this and anything I may have missed that is specific to your particular sitch. 

Lotsalove <3

The log fire has been lit and is now roaring appropriately in line with its job description. I’m glad I bought a big bag of logs. Outside the rain falls steadily. All is quiet. All is good. 

There are still chocolates on the Christmas tree. This is truly unheard of. I’ve been making inroads but there are only so many Christmas tree chocs you can eat in one session.

My chosen life partner is sat opposite, attracted by the promise of the fire. One of life’s pleasures, sitting quietly together, keeping each other company.

Vaughan Williams’ Lark Ascending flutters in the corner contributing to the relaxed vibe.

Our house has six sofas. That’s a fair number. An over’s worth. You may have more or you may have fewer. This is not about who has most sofas. It’s simply a statement of fact. I’m sat on one of them by the fire, almost within marshmallow toasting reach. Not that I’m about to start toasting marshmallows. Don’t want to spoil my appetite for later. It’s bad enough helping myself to the tree chocs.

I probably use more of the sofas than any other occupant of maison Davies. I don’t systematically work my way around the house trying out the sofas. It’s just that I use the front room more than anyone else and that alone has three of the sofas.

One of them is in the shed. 

Sausages sizzling in the pan herald the start of a new year. Not an obvious indicator I know but it is so 🙂The kitchen is brightly lit and today is the penultimate day of the “official” holiday.

We are using up what is left from the Christmas excess and tonight Hannah and George are cooking us a grand finale Thai meal to mark the end of their stay.

Tuesday is looking very active. Weather permitting, Rosso is coming to start on the new BBQ area (granite worktop etc), CityFibre (Kelly) are coming to install my FTTP connection and I will be back in the newly reopened pool at Yarborough Leisure Centre. It’s been closed for a year which has been v annoying and most inconvenient.

Those three items mark an optimistic start to 2023. Having the pool back should be life changing and the improvements to the BBQ area will be a big step up from what is there now.

I am also hopeful that the 1gig symmetrical will be a real bonus. I’ve taken the opportunity to revamp the home network and once the CItyFire/AAISP connection is in will demote the old Virgin docsis connection to being a backup and switch off its associated wifi. Only pain is that I’ll need to run an Ethernet cable or fibre from the garage to the attic where the router sits but hey…

January looks set to be a very busy month generally.

By Trefor Davies

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