New Jobs List for 2023

New jobs list started for 2023. I’ve carried some jobs over. These jobs rarely have a deadline. Obvs they would always be done before any deadline 🙂

Looking forward to an austere start to the year in stark contrast to the excesses of the somewhat extended Christmas period. The austerity will not be massively long lived as we are off out on both Friday and Saturday nights but hey. Gotta live the life.

The last of our visitors go home today. Peace in our time. I remember when we as a family used to visit mam and dad they would always be excited to see us but would also happily wave us off with a deep sense of relief when we left for home.

I’m quite pleased to announce that I am over my cold. Typical innit. Just as the holidays finish. Thanks a bunch. Ah well. Never mind.

Dropped the departees off at the stayshun and figured I’d take a stroll around Currys/PC World. Shouldn’t have bothered. Absolutely nothing I wanted or needed. No particular sale prices from what I could see. Traffic was a nightmare getting in and out. The whole world was there. 

Overheard a woman say to her partner. ‘I think Galaxy is best.’ Curious. Gave me the impression that Samsung’s advertising had worked. If I ever want to buy a such a gadget l spend days researching every little nuance and tech spec. I buy it online knowing exactly what I want and why I want it. Doesn’t happen too often. You need a three or four year gap between handsets to make it worthwhile, certainly at those prices.

Then mosied across the road to B&Q. Car park not as full as Currys but still bugger all I needed. I’m now home watching ‘The Battle of the River Plate’. Somehow I only watch old movies. BBC2 HD fwiw 🙂

Tis a beeootiful day out.

Well. The first working day back, ish. Not totes sure how much work I will do but there ya go. Once I get into it will be foine. Probs.

I have a lane swim booked for 3pm. First in a year since they closed the pool. Probably won’t manage more than 20 mins but it will be a start innit.

Now sat in waiting for the CityFibre installation team. Sat calmly. Peace has been restored to the Davies residence with the departure of the last remaining visitors yesterday.

In other news just had an email from BA telling me that the flight I booked yesterday from Toulouse has been cancelled. Blimmin annoying. Ah well. No rush to sort. They have suggested a 10.45 departure which ain’t gonna work. The airport is 90 mins from where we are staying.

Feels quite good to get Christmas and New Year out of the way. Anne’s very excellent homemade granola with yoghurt for breakfast. Still some booze left in the fridge but that can stay where it is for the foreseeable.

Would be quite useful to have a more accurate window than 8am to 1pm for the fibre install. I don’t feel I can get on with things until they arrive as I’ll need to give them access to the garage etc.

One cautionary note btw. If reaching behind the Christmas tree to get the extension lead don’t wear a thick woollen jumper. You end up with loads of pine needles in the jumper. They are difficult to extract. CityFibre needs two electrical sockets. The ONT only needs one so I assume the other is to plug the test kit in to show that it is working. I won’t get it up and running until the cabling is run to the attic.

Just finished a booklet entitled ‘Quantum Listening’. Very interesting. All about Deep Listening. Sitting here in the shed feels like a perfect spot to practise Deep Listening. Although it feels quiet and calm in the shed, there is a lot to hear if you put your mind to it. Even if it is just the fall of water onto the roof from the trees above.

I spotted the book as an exhibit at the Tate Liverpool and took a pic to remind me. Then I found it was for sale in the Tate shop so it went in the tote bag with all the other stuff we bought and reappeared on Christmas Day. I’m obviously easy to buy for 🙂

While I’m sat waiting I thought I’d call the doctor’s surgery. Had a sms telling me it was about time I had my annual checkup. Caller number 14 in the queue. That’ll wait then. Every man and his runny nose will be on hold. My runny nose runneth no more, fortunately. 

Never occurred to me to call the doc for my cold. Just bought Beechams, Lemsip, paracetamol etc. In fact shortly before New Year’s Eve the shops seemed to have run dry of the stuff (pun intended) so not everyone was holding off to call the surgery.

Second cautionary note – I did not consume all the above mentioned medicines at the same time.

Got a feeling this city fibre visit is going to be a no show. It’s already 11.50 and the window closes at 1pm. Ended up calling Superfi whilst waiting. Sorted out my surround sound problem. They are brilliant. My contact Anthony fixed the problem in no time. Also called the docs again. Now up to caller 21. Manāna.

I do also need to call the bank about something but I need a clear morning in front of me to be able to cope with that stress. 

The cathedral bells have just tolled midday. A call for monks to midday prayer no doubt. It’s quite handy for us non monks as it reminds me it isn’t long before I head in and fix meself an omelette, today’s designated lunch item.

Omelette was deelish btw. En route back to the shed the ambucopter flew over with a sense of purpose. I always feel sad when I see an ambulance race by as it usually means bad news at the other end. It is a good thing that we have the helicopter in Lincolnshire though. It’s a big county, areawise.

CityFibre rocked up and the terminals are now in. Just waiting on the glass now. Getting there slowly.

That’ll do.

Is your journey really necessary? Reminds me a bit of World War 2, not that I was around. Saw something simlar online relating to the current train strikes.Can’t find it again now. Was on the Grauniad website. Looked up ‘WW2 propaganda posters’ and found one about turning the gas down. All sounds pretty familiar. Even ‘rationing’, when you think about the shortages on supermarket shelves we have seen in recent living memory. Ah well (buries head in sand).

Up early. Heard the milkman at 05.30. The arrival of the milkman can have the same effect as ‘Thought For The Day’ on BBC Radio4. Gets me out of bed. Was lying there awake when he arrived. Good night’s kip actually. The wee small hours of the morning can be a v productive time.

By Trefor Davies

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