Shut away in the TV room. Still no aerial connected for the AV gear in the office so not watching the game there. Tis a beautiful morning out in the garden and were I in the office (garden room) I’d have the doors open. However this is not yet to be and so I’m settled in front of the house TV to watch Wales’ opening game in our Rugby World Cup campaign.

As I strode over the dew wet lawn to the house it occured to me that it won’t be long before we are hit by winter. It’s been a good summer, despite a few  ups and downs, but I quite like the changing of the seasons. I like the rain and I like the cold. We do need our central heating sorting out before Siberia sends us its customary icy Eastern blasts. 

This year I have my new pea jacket to look forward to. Should arrive towards the middle of October. Hopefully before I head off to Rotterdam for the RIPE conference and Amsterdam for Euro-IX. Purple lining. Think you’ll like it 🙂

My calendar is filled with such events. Not a bad gig really although these conferences are tough full on weeks – long days at the internet coal face and long evenings networking.

Tonight I have the Scout Group committee meeting. I am the treasurer of the 18th Bailgate Sea Scouts. Not had to do any treasuring yet mind you. Takes ages to get all the forms sorted out. Perhaps tonight is when I get going on the job. Get my teeth into treasuring. Treasurering? Fiscal fortitude. Like it.

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