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Sat in the shed

It’s a warm September afternoon. I’m sitting in the garden shed, light on, listening to my faves playlist. All retro stuff natch. Cleaned the windows, for the first time. I keep spotting bits I’ve missed. I will never make a good window cleaner. Don’t have the right attitude 😉

I’m waiting for a delivery. Some TV aerial connectors and an aerial. I’ve had this audiovisual device for weeks now but not got around to plugging it into Freeview, aside from what I can do with tinternet. Tinternet itself is still accessed via the weefee coming from the house pending getting the cable run to the attic. The ducting is in place, just not the cable.

Anne has gone inside to listen to the Chelsea v Liverpool commentary. It is she informs me about to rain anyway. V sensible.

Harvested all my carrots and onions this afternoon. Very satisfying. Only a small crop but my crop. Now I sense the evening is approaches. A number of the carrots and onions were included in the beef stew currently bubbling away at gas mark one. It’s bound to be a goodun.

We will soon need to think about clearing a bit of the raspberry and strawberry patch to make way for the raised beds. Manyana.

My parcel arrived. Not sure I’m going to make much progress today. I’ll need to take the TV off the wall which is a 2 person job and then fit some temporary connectors which in itself is not a big deal but part of me tells me I might as well wait and get the job done properly. It isn’t as if I watch much TV anyway.

Been compiling a setlist. This is for me on the geetar. This is what I currently have:

Somewhere over the rainbow, Sweet Caroline, American pie, Hey jude, A little help from my friends, Lean on me, Dancing Queen (or Mama Mia maybs), Teenage dirtbag, 500 miles, Bohemian rhapsody, Killing me softly

Some of these I can already play but I need to learn them all without needing the chords in front of me. Also it isn’t a definitive list. Some songs won’t make the final list and maybs some new ones will appear. Whaddaya think. Some, like Bohemian Rhapsody, are great in theory – most people know the words but there isn’t much repetition music wise so would be a bit of a job to learn. V shall C.

The rain forecast by Anne has arrived and it is very heavy. I am trapped! All I have for sustenance is four bottles of beer in the fridge along with a tin of tonic water with no gin. There is the stew in the oven in the kitchen of course but will I be able to make it in safely? 🙂

The shed is not yet finished but I sense it is going to serve me well.

By Trefor Davies

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