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Le sol brillait. That’s my O’Level French shining through. It is a truly gorgeous spring day here in Lincoln and the opening day of the campervan rental season. The season proper doesn’t start until May 17th when campsites are allowed to open their toilet blocks but we do have a few bookings before then.

Pool was busyish this morning. Swimming as I do in the slow lane also presented a few “issues” with different people’s swim speeds requiring tactical movements to avoid having to stop. Also when I got to one end one irritating person decided to cross in front of me from another lane as I got to the turn. Bloody annoying when that happens. Some people have no awareness or etiquette. It is all complicated by the fact that I do alternate lengths breast stroke and front crawl so someone who I might happily swim behind when doing breast stroke I will be too fast for when doing front crawl.

Now listening to a bit of Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade Op 35. Random job on Spotify playlist. Herbert von karajan and the Berlin Phil. The best.

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