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Another warm day in prospect. Up at 5.30 again. Have already scanned the news. Nothing to catch my eye. Sure lots going on but it means little to me in my small bubble. It wasn’t so long ago that news of goings on in the world would take weeks to get through and I would probably have never travelled outside my own village. Would I have been less happy?

Breakfast was a sausage in a roll with mushrooms and a glass of milk. The sausage needed using up. In the shed by 08.30 having published my weather report for the day. I do this over on trefsgreenhouse Facebook page. Sometimes it gets as many as two or three views. They are knocking each over over to get at it. That’s not the attitude I expect from lovers of Tref’s Greenhouse. Calm down you lot. Control yourselves.

Yesterday 4 people were reported as having died due to covid19. In 2019 1,752 people died in road traffic accidents. That’s an average of 4.8 a day. Living is a risky business. What would be your acceptable risk of dying every time you walked out of the house. At 0.000007% chance of dying every time you get in a car it’s a chance you take. I’m not here to worry you and I’m not here to discuss the rights and wrongs of any given approach to covid safety 🙂 I’m just messing about on a page.

All is calm in the shed. I have stuff to do but it will wait. Looking out onto the garden I see a robin flittering around. Our robins are very used to people. They wolf down the mealworm as soon as I put it out and if one of us is digging in the garden they are in there like a shot looking for insects and worms.

In the pool at 2.30. Started off with two others in a double width lane and ended up on my own. This is great and is why I’ve started going at that time – late lunch etc.

Showers not working at Yarborough mind you. Blocked pipe or simlar. Bit annoying especially when they don’t tell you before you get in the pool, not that that would have stopped me. Also had another case when someone crossing lanes to get out got in my way and broke my rhythm, or what exists of it. it’s just common sense and etiquette that some people just don’t possess.

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