great Friday

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Good Friday, great Friday,

Relaxing start.

Good breakfast, then to the market 

For supplies.

Aerobics class, heard upstairs,

Puffing sounds pervade.

Cutting into the calm, downstairs.

In the shed there is cricket. I have relocated whilst the Aerobics continues to compile a shopping list. It might be body balance, or body pump. Something like that. There is not much on the shopping list. It will be a case of what fresh seasonal produce is available. From anywhere around the world.

All planned jobs done today except those involving being in the garden. It isn’t the warmest of days. I’ve decided to take most of next week off although I’ll rock up to the occasional meeting already arranged. Hopefully I’ll get things done in that time. The weather aint looking particularly nice for the whole week mind you.

Will use the time to get the vans sorted for the forthcoming season. Things like buy new table and chairs for our latest acquisition Ruby. Get a few accessories. Stuff like that. Also one or two jaunts – we have booked open air swimming at Jubilee Park in Woodhall Spa. Yes you are right. Total nutters. Hopefully the snow will stay off 🙂

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By Trefor Davies

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