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In the early eternal light there is perfect clarity. I gaze ahead into the distance. Everything is there. Born with a set of preprogrammed memories.

My cup of tea has gone cold. This is my fault. The pot was made just as I was sitting down to breakfast but I left it there until I was ready to walk to the shed. Now in the shed I will soon have to go back to the house to make another pot. I drink too much tea. 

Perfect spring day. Golf this pm.

It was just one of those perfect golfing afternoons, the weather being more like late May or June. Played a 6 ball around the Laughterton par 3. Although I hit a few good shots the overall quality was pants but the banter was great and a good time was had by all. Stiff now, not having used some of those muscles for 5 months since Lockdown 2  began. I’m told the weather is taking a turn for the worse over the Easter weekend so I guess we took advantage of it whilst we could.

I sense if I got back into golf properly I could sort out a decent handicap. My lowest has been 13 but in the years with 4 kids at home and lots of travel I wasn’t playing enough to sustain it and the handicap began to rise. Eventually I packed in my membership as I wasn’t getting good value out of the £800 subs.

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By Trefor Davies

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