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Amazingly up, breakfasted and ready for the day by 8.30am although not yet dressed. It is a Saturday and I am able to meet someone in the back garden although no plans to do this. I’ve always found that impromptu back garden meetings are the best. Not exactly sitting out weather anyway. Also if you were going to call ‘round on spec you should let me know so I can leave the side gate open. Not exactly impromptu then.

Yesterday I had in mind to put some paving stones down in a new sitting area we are creating behind the greenhouse but didn’t happen. Might do today. The highlight of today is going to be a trip to B&Q to buy compost. The exciting lives we live. 

Somewhat disingenuous to say that a trip to B&Q represents a high point of life when I was sat in bed this morning planning a jaunt to Florence. We are already in London in October to see Anything Goes at the Barbican and have a hotel voucher from a covid cancelled trip from last year. Thought it might be an opportune moment to nip over there for some pasta. 

Still a bit dodgy organising travel to Italy I’d say, even in October, but the voucher has to be used up before the end of 2021. I took pity on the hotel and accepted the voucher instead of insisting on my cash back. Conveniently BA flies to Florence from LCY. 

Some of you may know I did a two week run in Anything Goes at Lincoln Theatre Royal with CAODS around 28 or so years ago so will be nice to see the show. Also did Guys and Dolls which I subsequently saw in the West End with Phippo an Terry. Had a great evening singing along to every song. Will be the same this time 🙂

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