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The build up starts again. More Rugby World Cup tickets are released at 5pm tonight. I was in the car when they released the first batch on Monday and by the time I got to where I was going the queue was so large that it wouldn’t even let me onto the end of it. Just told me to bugger off and come back in a few hours. It was middle of the evening before I could get in.

Their systems really are crap though. I get the email in French addressed Bonjour Huw. When I go for the English translated version it starts with Hello Luc. I also note that the email comes from Claude atcher. Either he trendily doesn’t use upper case for his surname or the attention to detail is not good. You decide.

Today is a different sort of day on the work front. I am at day two of the conference that started yesterday but I don’t have to do a talk so it is an easy one. I don’t find public speaking difficult but to be successful at it your mind does need to stay focussed in the run up. This is not the case if you are doing the same talk week in week out but all mine seem to be one offs!

Had a couple of calls but am now kinda chillin for the rest of the morning. The birds are once more in full voice. There is a conversation going on. “Don’t forget to bring back a worm”. They have been next building.

Another observation is that the sycamore seedlings are starting to come through. We get thousands every spring. The only thing to do is mow the lawn. You can’t pick them out individually. The borders and veg patch are a different thing. It’s all about hand weeding. All seems to get done magically! 😉

This afternoon the T20 cricket is back on. It is convenient to have it on in the shed. Muted when necessary.


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