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At 11.58 the morning is nearly over. The afternoon is spoken for and I have thirty minutes to fuel my body in anticipation of a long few hours ahead of me. The sunflower bird feeder has been refilled and the level is already dropping. Hungry robins. The fat balls and other/seed feeder don’t seem to have the same attraction. I may replace them with something newer and more appetising.

At 14.27 the afternoon has still some way to go. I am stuck in a virtual trade show waiting for people to rock up at our booth. At least I am doing it from the comfort of my shed. It feels to me to be an odd concept attending a trade show in a shed. I go to lots of things here. Sporting events, pub crawls, stuff like that.

God it’s boring. You may or may not know that my day job is in the telecommunications industry. Every conference session has people droning on about innovation, verticals, conferencing and collaboration. Why can’t they talk about fun stuff like festivals and campervans and barbecues and beer and rugby and cricket and other interesting things like rear admirals, downhill skiers, bookbinding techniques, jazz music, floral displays, great philosophers of Ancient Greece. That kind of thing.

I’ve put them on mute. I am doing a talk later. It’s about our middleware that drives automation – customer acquisition and self care. That sort of thing. Yanow. I might jazz it up a bit. Actually it isn’t easy to jazz up a call about Application Programming Interfaces especially when the audience all normally wear suits even though they might not be when stuck at home in their kitchen or spare bedroom at a virtual conference.

Now they are talking about EBITDA and multiples. Sigh. These things are slightly more interesting especially if you have skin in the game.

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By Trefor Davies

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