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Sigh. Listening to someone droning on about audits. I’ve switched off my camera and muted my mic so that I can do something more interesting without anyone noticing. Just have to have that sensor going to listen out for my name. This is a bit like the phone listening for an “ok Google”. Only problem is if I get asked a question I might not know what it is about. It’s a risk we take. Reality is this 30 minute talk can probably be condensed into one slide. It is all relevant stuff but still boring.  Also delivered in a monotone Dutch accent.

I’ve moved on from the boring. Life needs to be cool and funky. When lockdown is over I’m going to start inviting people to the shed to do interesting things. A bit like the salons of old. If anyone is interested in being invited let me know. You have to be able to contribute something. Poetry, singing, discuss a certain branch of philosophy etc etc. Or bring the beer.  Or the curry. Stuff like that.

The shed is also a venue for watching rugby, cricket and tiddly winks when that becomes a televised sport.

The good news is my 12 o’clock meeting has been cancelled. Also my new standing desk has just been delivered. The bad news is that the standing desk requires assembly. As a general principle I try not to order things that require assembly. This is a mandatory rule when it comes to flatpack furniture. I guess I am prepared to waive this for the desk especially as it is already here in the shed waiting. Patiently. Will have to be Sunday morning now. Quite excited to see how I get on with it.

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