Dull. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. Five more dulls roll off the tongue. Talking weather here. It is dull, as I said. Even without my specs I can see it is thus.

On the wireless they are discussing public finances. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull. Inheritance tax! Dead dull.

To brighten things up I’ve started researching flights to Australia. Never been. 2025. This will be a complex trip. Whilst we are on that side of the world we need to consider routes home. Via Hawaii for example. 

Downstairs at breakfast the kitchen is brightly lit. The window to the back garden is covered in raindrops suggesting earlier precipitation. Outside, the wind agitates branches of trees. It is one of those days where if you can find things to do indoors then that would be an appropriate use of time.

The house runner has set off for the park leaving me waiting in for Chris the cooker man who informs us that he has sourced the one remaining part required to effect his repair. I don’t have an eta for Chris other than ‘Saturday morning’. Could message him I suppose. The tea brews.

I don’t dislike this weather. We are off out to the cathedral ce soir so will need to dress up warmly. A conference featuring Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and The Lark Ascending, not by Vivaldi obvs. I am hopeful that the acoustics will be more suited to this than the Queen by Candlelight gig which we left at the interval because it was so bad. In some respect this is the cathedral’s last chance when it comes to gigs.

When I sit in the TV room I am normally facing inwards but this morning have elected to face looking out of the window, that I may see the coming of Chris. I will upon his arrival leap up to open the front door. In facing this way it is observed that our evergreen laurel and holly front hedge contrasts noticeably with the trees across the road exhibiting autumnal colours. 

The road is fairly quiet. It is still only nine o’clock.

I suppose I could get up and do something. My garage work bench constantly needs tidying. Like painting the Forth Bridge. I am not the tidiest of individuals as THG will frustratedly attest. I shall read a book: History of Greece by JB Bury. Picked it up for four quid in a second hand shop somewhere and it has been sitting on a shelf for a few months.

Chris is here. I’m sat in the kitchen whilst he fiddles about  inside the cooker. Where else can you get live coverage of a cooker repair man in action. Got to get the job done right. “Corroded screw, cracked ceramic” stuff like that. Needs a new burner as all the screws are corroded apaz. Typical innit. Ah well it is a good cooker and does need sorting.

Afterwards strolled down to Tesco. I very rarely go to Tesco. It is far too big and crowded. On this occasion I needed some readies and a bottle of Baileys. Not for me, the Baileys although I will drink it as part of a baby Guinness. Once in a blue moon. I do sometimes fill up at the Tesco petrol station fwiw. Often there is a queue though.

This afternoon we are taking one of our vans for winter storage. They get tucked up in the dry during the worst excesses of the weather. Coops is driving the van and I am in the auxiliary support vehicle, ie the Defender. Afterwards we are heading to the Club Sporting de Lincoln, ie the rugby club.  This is no longer in Lincoln but on the outskirts of Nettleham. A three mile walk from our house should I choose shanks’ pony.

By Trefor Davies

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