Interesting that the “country needs an opportunity to let its hair down”. Note so does the opposition.

Interesting that politicians come out of the woodwork as football fans, make speeches about it in the House of Commons and wear England …

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the rain that soaks

Ma gurd it is wet out there. The 

rain pelts down on the conservatory 

roof and I have to venture out

to get jabbed. It is good that I 

unblocked the drainpipe during 

the week just gone, the soaking

I …

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suburban living

suburban living. sitting in traffic, timing your tedious journey to the valuable minute, squeezing every last second out of the trip. a five minute result. five precious minutes out of the ordinary. tired in no time, life ticks away.…

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the bus pass

Raoul Castro has finally taken his bus pass. I have visions of him travelling around on the front seat of a rickety old 1950s bus taking in the sights of Cuba. And why not? After a long career in public …

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soup du jour

soup du jour

I quite like this phrase. Just came into my mind now. No idea why. One of those inspirations that pop up from nowhere. Soup du jour. There, I said it again. The soup itself repeated.

Toujours Tref. …

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In 1803 Britain declared war on France. This is not a concept we can get our brain around these days. Not declaring war on france specifically. Just declaring war. We have had wars in recent times but they tend not …

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beyond your wildest dreams

What will you find beyond your wildest dreams? Dreams already so wild will anybody take them seriously? Shake loose the bonds of convention. Unshackle your imagination. 

I’m not talking posh house and a fancy set of wheels here, or a …

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the closing zip

Anne just called me on WhatsApp. Answered but it was clearly a misdial. She had just sent me a message. All I heard was the sound of a zip closing – obviously put her phone into her bag.

This is …

weird dream

Weird dream about anne at LHR

A fair bit of my grey cell usage recently has been devoted to travel arrangements for next year’s East Coast and Caribbean (maan) trip. The main issue is how to use the BA companion …

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noisy birds

Noisy birds even though at 06.12 it is still dark out.

Just before 9am in the shed I hear the sounds of silence. A creaking heater, a refrigerator and cars on the road at the front. I am waiting …

the curry

KEY INGREDS – no need to delete if we already have

Boneless mutton or lamb

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Ground turmeric

Cinamon stick

Coriander seeds

Black peppercorns

Fennel seeds


Curry leaves

Mustard seeds

Red onions

Deggi mirch chilli powder…


A random spread, 

of words plucked, 

from thin air, 

high altitude argument,  

badinage bad boys…

bye bye don

If you ever find you’ve woken up far too early just head downstairs and spend some time online. I came down at 5.30am and it is now 06.10 and nearly time to make the tea. The fact that it isn’t …

end of day

Nightfall. A day quickly over. Curtains closed on a cold and inhospitable world.…

Chinese takeaway 28th November

Hors d’oeuvres


Beef curry  (can you make it hotter than usual)

fried rice


Chicken with cashew nuts

Boiled rice


Peking king prawn…

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