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unwanted toast

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

unbuttered and unmourned

At first sight you wouldn’t know this toast was unwanted. It was brought to the table in anticipation of butter being spread on one side and then devoured as an accompaniment to the full English that lay on a larger plate to its right.

I am here to tell you this was not the reality of the sitch. The unwanted toast now lies discarded in the kitchen swing bin together with an empty milk carton and other detritus of the culinary process. Were it not for this photograph this piece of toast would have disappeared off the map of human consciousness. Forgotten and unmourned.

It still lays unmourned. An insignificant entry in the human timeline. Goodbye toast. At the final reckoning you meant nothing.

mixing batter

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017


Sycamore seeds

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

fall on stony ground

best place for them. we don’t want them on our lawn.

walk time

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017


Walk time
Screenshot brain
Needs break
Warm coat
And socks
Buy bread
In Bail
coffeeshop lifestyle

the last mince pie

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

fitting end to Christmas

a moment of quiet contemplation if you please

bread and jam

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

strawberry conserve with champagne

simple things in life

Part of the role of art in our society is to challenge the established order. This photograph does this very successfully, posing the question “is this bread the wrong way round”.