Lockdown 2

A frosty start

Big nuze from the former colony now known as the USA with riots going on incited by the Orangudon. We had to swap back and forth between watching that and the Man City victory of Man U in the shed. We were watching in the shed, the game wasn’t happening there. Nor the riots. I won’t elaborate. You all know what’s occurrin.

V frosty walk to work this morning but it is a nice sunny day. I’m going to walk to the post office in the Carlton Centre later this morning to post parcels to Tom and dad. Dad’s feels like as if it is a bit of a red cross parcel with a bar of chocolate and some choccy biscuits. He is still in isolation at Ty Llandaff in Caerdydd. The ten days is up on Saturday I think where the other residents will probably throw a welcoming party where they have lots of cups of tea and ideally all get their first covid vaccinations done. Happy days 🙂

Doesn’t feel right calling it Ty Llandaff. You will know that it should either be Llandaff House or Ty Llandaf. They are mixing their languages but I guess that’s marketing for you. Probably the same firm chose the name that advertises broadband speeds in mbps. Knowworramean?

Moved the Christmas tree out to the front of the hoose after breakfast. Anne is now annoyed as she has to hoover up millions of pine needles. In the past I have taken it through the double doors of the conservatoire which have a wider opening but I am not here to argue, merely to obey.

We did last night compile a new jobs list for me for 2021. I have to have a jobs list to get things done. I can’t be relied upon to realise what needs doing without it being shoved in my face. Otherwise I would spend all day writing this stuff. The job of walking to the post office is a good one. It will make me get out and have some exercise. Put my tweed cap on to keep my head warm on this cold day. Feels very old man ish to talk about wearing tweed caps but my kids also wear them so I am on safe ground there. 

The jobs list is a paper on although I might suggest that Anne transfers it to a google doc where it can be easily accessed. The rule with paper jobs lists is that all the jobs have to have been struck off as complete before any new ones get put on. This doesn’t always work but I do need the sense of satisfaction and achievement of seeing the whole page full of crossed off jobs. Sometimes I do a job and don’t mark it down as done, just to see how long it takes Anne to notice. Little amusements eh?

The good thing about making it an online list would be that I would have a historical record of jobs done whereas bits of paper are thrown away when finished with. I think I’ll start one. I have one for shopping. Each year I do a new list that just gets added to for each new shop. I can then refer to the list on my phone when walking around Waitrose. It doesn’t give me the perfect record of my shopping that say a copy of the scanned items list would but it is interesting enough (I think).

I looked at Waitrose this morning to see what the click and collect sitch might be. There are plenty of slots a couple of weeks out. Suspect the click and collect days are over for us. We (I) spent a ridiculous amount on it during the first lockdown. It is too easy to add items that you don’t really need. Also despite my protestations I have come to accept Anne’s stance that Lidl is a lot cheaper. Yesterday I paid £1.40 for a pot of cottage cheese in Waitrose that Anne got for 60p in Lidl. Quality probs not quite the same but not 80p different. We have to train me 🙂

The long darkness of a January night has descended. I am sat in the shed watching the daily covid briefing. Bojo is taking it today. I’ve also occasionally been dipping into CNN to catch updates to the orangudon sitch. They hit the hay at 4am in DC (to use the American vernacular) which was 9am for us so we had to wait for everyone to get up, have breakfast, do their teeth etc before any action was likely. It is now lunchtime in Washington. Will we have to wait until after they have had lunch or is that off the menu today? Really we are after some impeachment action or 25th amendment. Notice how familiar I have become with American political terminology.

Sitting back as I am in my chair I can’t see whether the light is on in the kitchen. This is relevant because light means activity which in turn means food. We are finishing off the steak pie from the other day yum. Not sure what’s on the agenda after that. 

I might pick up another book. I finished the one about the growth of religion in Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire between 1851 and1851. I found it to be an interesting read. Increased my knowledge base on the subject. The ultimate goal is to write about my family going back before the middle of the eighteenth century. We were involved in farming, religion and the woollen manufacturing industry. There was much action in all three of those areas in the 18th century and earlier.

It remains cold outside. Last night was the coldest for a couple of years apaz. Stay warm. Not everyone will be able to.

By Trefor Davies

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