Disabled guy with no right hand sat alone in his motorised wheelchair on Place L’Horloge watching the world go by. Wonder what his story is. The restaurants around the square were all lit up. Tourists out on the town. Probs didn’t notice or see him

We are back in the room/terrace. Half a bottle of Cotes du Rhone yet to be consumed. You will be pleased to know that the insect bite soothing gel purchased in the pharmacy seems to have worked. That was one of those emergency situations where I might have scratched meself to death trying to relieve the itch.

We are enjoying Avignon. The deeper we get into this trip the less we feel we need to delve into the local sights to any significant degree. Today we did the Palais des Papes from the outside. Sfine. I’ve seen a lot of mediaeval buildings and recently watched a French documentary on this particular place.

For tomorrow night (Aix) we are going to do our restaurant research in advance. The one we liked the look of today had no availability. Obvs really. The good gaffs get booked up. Thing is I don’t want to have the whole trip planned in micro-detail. Although when there are ten or twelve of you it doesn’t do any harm.

Most people out and about are tourists. A few locals earlier. Mediterranean complexions a lot of them. We aren’t really that far from the coast. We were back in our room by about eight thirty. 

We have two more hotel nights before the campsite in Nice where we will spend a week. Get some laundry done 🙂Weather still v warm.

Most people we saw this afternoon were sitting down somewhere. Too hot to walk around. Nowt wrong with that. We sat for forty five minutes on the road train ‘doing Avignon’. After a while I stopped listening to the commentary – English on channel 2. Just more of the same. At least we saw the pont.

Seen it before. Hitch hiked to Avignon in nineteen eighty two. Caught the train home.

Aix ain’t so far from here so en route we have decided to do Arles and the Camargue. Bit of a result really. In a bit…

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