Gosh is it Thursday 21st January already


Gosh is it Thursday 21st January already? This first week back at work is flying by. Today is my first proper day

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The end of a cold winter’s afternoon, take two – Chambers Farm Woods, Sunday 15th January

A walk in the woods
Lit by winters candle
Subtle colours
Show the frozen way

A breath of purpose
Clouds the trail before us
Hasten home
As night descends on day

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An update on Wednesday

The afternoon shift

Spent the day on the ITSPA stand at Convergence Summit South. For the last time ever. The show is morphing into something else in Birmingham. Whatever. We had a barrel of Daisy Gold on the stand and …

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cold and damp

miserable day out

I have the heater on in the office. It is a miserable day out. Some branches stir in the light breeze otherwise the garden is still.

Just finished a productive conference call and much of the rest

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stardate 020216

MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper

Terrific Pylons gig last night at The Platform Bar at the Students Union. They were on first although in reality the covers band that came afterwards should have opened. We didn’t stay for the two main acts

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it’s only natural

Speeded up 5 x by mistake – tis by such flukes that great discoveries are made. This isn’t one of them but someone might want to confirm the bird species?

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Isle of Man Day 10

Early up and the weather at first glance looks good for traveling. This was somewhat deceptive as we were later to find out. A slow journey to Douglas behind a driver unaware that she was allowed to travel faster than …

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The Box

At arms length from other boxes
On the outskirts of town stands a box,
Poorly protected by a flimsy slat fence
A thin hedge takes the full blast of the wind
Across the bare fields and over the quarry below.…

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3rd Law Part 52 – bird reading for beginners

The best is yet to come. That’s the only motto to live with. On a different subject just installed a new app on my phone. Motion detector. I have the phone pointing at the bird feeder resplendent with new bird …

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Domestic scene in the Davies kitchen on a Saturday night

Domestic scene in the Davies kitchen on a saturday night – good music, good company and simple home cooking

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The clock

occasionally useful

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When Digging in Other People’s Gardens

Before you set to digging in other people’s gardens,

first bear in mind what they consider weeds,

then be careful where you tread

and ask before you deadhead,

for all you know they’ll want them for the seeds.

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Guest Beers, Victoria, Union Road, 2nd October 2009

Phoenix Arizona (4.1%) £2.95
Brewster’s Decadence (4.4%) £2.95
Everard’s Sundance (4.0%) £2.95
Potbelly Aisling (4.0%) £2.85
Weston’s Traditional Cider (6.0%) £3.00

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P24 Waddington

Oo great. Waddington. I’ve checked and P24 definitely contains a bit of the Waddington Air Base. This is good because I’ve been to Waddington Air Base a few times. To the Summer and Winter balls at the officers mess for …

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A walk with Joe

Whisby here we come

Last weekend I had the pleasure of walking to Woodhall Spa with son Tom. It was an 18 miler and we were both fairly pooped by the end of it. Today son Joe came with me

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The Cuddle

A couple float horizontally in mid air. His right arm is around her shoulders, holding her close. Her right leg is over his and her right arm is spread over his chest. A state of bliss.

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I’m just going home to do some painting so that I can watch the paint dry. It is more interesting than the England v Italy 6 Nations Rugby International I have been watching!

Thanks to Huw for this idea.

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Sober October Day 1

Not a difficult day to start Sober October. It’s a Monday at home in Lincoln. Wouldn’t normally have a beer on this day anyway. The challenges are going to come at the weekends and when staying away.

Tomorrow night we

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