Echoes of Madness

The Lawn, early morning silence,

the city had not yet stirred.

Footsteps in the dew

stopped to listen.

The hair blown breeze

danced …

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Two swans flying over a snowy field

Today I saw two swans flying over a white snow-covered field. I didn’t get a picture as I was on a train and they would in any case have been tiny white dots in the shot. However it isn’t difficult …

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click for part 3

I was out kayaking this morning and drifting around in the breeze on the lake my mind drifted up to see lots of fluffy white clouds drifting by. I thought to myself, how wonderful. I thought …

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Soup and fork

Latest in a series of surreal photos not taken by Salvador Dali. A fusion of food and art. click on the photo to find out where we were.

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The Accordionist

at Castle Hill

I was in the Bail waiting for John to finish his sax lesson. An accordionist was playing in Castle Hill so I went along and sat on the bench right next to him. It was a beautiful …

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Bright sunny Thursday in February.

sunny side of the street

Why live on the dark side. This is what Februaries should be all about. Gorgeous bright sunny days – perfect for a walk. Except no walking today except maybe to the Bailgate. Today I have

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The man from Tesco

with no name

He was sat in the cafe at Waterstones bookshop. I first saw him at the YMCA in January 1984 when I moved to Lincoln from Bangor. My first job, at Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd. I remember that

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Yay it’s Monday again

made it through to another week

Breezy day today. Anne is off out to do her usual volunteering at Eastgate School and I have the doors open to the garden. It’s my first day back proper today and I have

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Ears Are Ugly

Ears are ugly, they’re unseemly, unhygienic and unsightly,
God was definitely drunk when He designed  ’em.
Though it’s a shocking allegation
there’s no other explanation
for the biggest single cock-up in Creation.

A design fault falling short on technical support,…

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The Art of Government

As a Crown Representative for technology, working out of the Cabinet Office, I get to attend meetings in some interesting and unique places around Whitehall. As a painter myself, I’m often impressed by – and sometime in awe of – …

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Another notch on the season’s belt

I turned the heating on today.  Another notch on the season’s belt. I’m feeling strangely calm,  important decision made. That’s it. We won’t be going back. What now? Winter’s approach. Nosebiting cold. Wait for the storm.

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Awaiting image

twirly for foto

There’s a song that starts “It’s four in the morning…” That applies to me right now. Had 6 hours kip and am awake so came downstairs. I did have to think about it. That bed is toasty.

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Breakfast in dimly lit room when it should have been on terrace outside

Cab to meeting room – windowless with non functioning air conditioning


Afterwards beer by pool

Dinner looking out over city – best views in town, tapas,

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A journey in time

Lime Street
Liverpool Central
James Street
Hamilton Square
Birkenhead Central
Do not alight here!
Green Lane
Rock Ferry
Port Sunlight
Bromborough Rake

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Venezia 8th Jan – gondolas

The big day arrived and the taxi picked us up at 7am to catch the 07.30 from Lincoln Central to Venice. Of course trains don’t go to Venice from Lincoln but it was a step on the journey:

Home –

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Boats in harbour

The fishing fleet was all in harbour due to a forecast of bad weather later in the day. I’m not sure I’ve seen so many of them moored up at the same time before. The photo was taken with my …

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The Passing Place (Noun)


Ubiquitous feature of travel in the Western Isles of Scotland. A transient meeting place of generosity, where people wait for oncoming vehicles to pass, or to allow people uninterested in photo opportunities to overtake. Invariably involves a smile, a wave, …

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Slow train

Slow train, taking it’s time to go nowhere
Empty mind, staring at fields
Don’t care, how long it takes to get going
Life will, still wait for me.

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Busy busy busy

up goes the marquee

Was awake at around 5.30 am today doing JoeFest stuff. Spreadsheet. Out to the farm after breakfast to deliver the beer and associated peripherals. Found a very wet field. I imagine it is something like Glastonbury …

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