The banana death roll

Rare photograph of bananas just before death. The sight was too gruesome for video – the screams raise the hairs on the back …

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Prince Of Wales Inn

This pub is where I wet the baby’s head for our first born, almost 17 years ago. It was a Sunday night and I went there with Terry and Ade. They were what you might call pre-enlightenment days where pubs …

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Sunday morning in Dublin

easing into the day

Had a great night out last night with Barry O’Donovan, Andy Davidson and Hannah. Barry took us around a few choice establishments: Mulligans, Sweetmans (where we had food), The Dawson Lounge (“is this the smallest pub

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That place between sleep and full consciousness is a lovely one to savour. The dream hasn’t yet been forgotten and the usual neighbourhood morning activity outside is only starting to become apparent. Car doors slamming, engines starting up, rubbish vans …

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U7 Proposed Eastern Bypass

I live on Wragby Road and I suppose the Proposed Eastern Bypass would be good for us. Cut down the traffic. Mind you I suspect that most of the traffic on our roads is down to the school run. When …

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wet Sat


Breakfast time and Anne is tucking into a healthy porridge with grapes or some such fruity ingredient. I’m just biding my time before a bacon sandwich. Bit of poetry there. I’m not going to elaborate on the bacon sandwich

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3rd Law Part 38 – tennis balls and chocolate coloured paint

The sun is doing its level best to peek through the clouds. Struggling mind you. I have a warm cup of tea in my hand which helps to warm one hand up but we all know what happens to warm …

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A chink in life’s curtain

It’s a comfortable old day. Snow was falling as we walked home late last night and there is an inch or so on the ground this morning. Plenty to fuel a snowball fight and enough to make sure that the …

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inside the dome

Acid rain keeps me inside the dome. Outside there is devastation and mutants prowl the denuded forest. Communications with the rest of the world stopped some time ago – can’t tell how long. I am comfortable enough. I have a …

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Last diary entry of 2016

a great year

Last diary entry of the year. We are off out to the Lincoln Taphouse and Kitchen tonight with Nige, Terry, Jenny, Adie and Zara  and folk. Tom and John coming too. Anne has very kindly ironed my

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3rd Law Part 48 – pee haitch ee double yew

Pee haitch ee double yew. That’s what ah say. Just been watching our Andy at Wimbledon. E went two sets down but recovered to win three two. It went to seven five in the final set. Close man. C lose. …

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I hear a flute

I hear a flute
I know where it is coming from
but I prefer to think it is ethereal
it doesn’t matter anyway because
ethereal or not
I listen to it with
extreme pleasure
it stops then starts up again…

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philosopherontap the options


The options
philosopherontap Philosopherontap pHilosopherontap phIlosopherontap philLosopherontap philOsopherontap philoSopherontap philosOpherontap philosoPherontap philosopHerontap philosophErontap philosopheRontap philosopherOntap philosopheroNtap philosopheronTap philosopherontAp philosopherontaP ph1losopherontap phil0sopherontap philos0pherontap philosoph3rontap philosopher0ntap philosopheront4p

The challenge
A word of 16 letters – all of which have two variables …

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Erv Gig

Nagy plays Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Liszt

Huge amount of emotional and physical effort went into this concert.

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A very very very wet Welsh Bank Holiday

Llanberis at its wettest

Sheets of rain blowing across the lake at Capel Curig when I dropped John off at Plas Y Brenin. Very dramatic scenery. I like this weather. Easier if you are dressed appropriately.

We arrived at Plas

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Sweet Home Lincoln

Joe picked me up from the station at 5.15 and we went for a swift un at the Morning Star en route. Traffic continues to be terrible downtown with all the road closures in place for the

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3rd Law Part 27 – efficiency

It’s a funny old world innit. You have good times, bad times, calm days and days when the wind blows. I’ve noticed that the trees are noisy at this time of year when the wind blows. They have leaves that …

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listening to Pink Floyd

I am laid back on the sofa near the fire listening to Pink Floyd. In my own little world. This music is so near to perfection that I want to write the equivalent of it in prose, or poetry. Words …

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Trip to IoM concludes on day 13

the end for now

Bit of drama this morning. My phone, my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge just back from the insurance claim, went into the washing machine by mistake. I can now announce that it is indeed waterproof. …

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Lazy Days In Deepest Summer

Under clear blue cloudless bowl of sky
Lay I, with sweet smelling grasses and
Wing-fluttered butterfly, accompanying crickets
Chorus in the meadow hedge
And small boys search and stoop to
Scoop them into jam jar summer cells.

Into the cooler …

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