The Beach or Not The Beach

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the loss of the notes I had been making in preparation for this post. …

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Coast to Coast Day 2

Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite

This is the third video from our coast to coast walk back in May. These are pretty rudimentary videos but they give you an idea of the walk as we did it and for me serve …

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Sunday 31st January


It’s the Great British Bird Watch or words to that effect. We’ve never participated properly. You have to sit staring out the window for an hour noting numbers and species. Moreover they have to be seen on the ground …

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Overheard phone call in Kings Cross waiting room

Hi is that Rafi?  This is Marcel here.  Marcel Sartre from ballroom dancing.  I’m just ringing to make sure that you got Dorothy’s message about ballroom dancing being cancelled.  Oh you did, good.  I’m going to run an additional class …

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Not many of them left now, the leaves

Not many of them left now,  the leaves. On the trees that is. They are mostly on the ground psyching themselves up for removal into a black plastic bin liner and thence either to the compost heap or the green

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The long slow death of an elderly elephant

In collaboration with the Funkypancake studios.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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Friday the 28th

Part 2

The notable thing when taking off from Madrid airport is the ring of mountains that encircles the place. The curtains have been drawn between the cabins and I can smell food from the galley. I have an empty …

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Sunday 17th January – the fateful leek

It would somewhat misleading to say that the subject of this entry, and hence the featured image, is leeks and their fate. It was just a convenient image to hand so up it went. The leek itself does form part

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Drifting into November

We have drifted into November like leaves blown gently against a hedge. A climbing rose clings stubbornly pink to the archway in the back garden but there is little left to cover the gangly apple visible through the curved frame. …

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Three’s a crowd

time of year

Getting cold out. Warm coat time. Quite nice though. Wrap up well. Hat, gloves scarf. Stout walking shoes.Thick socks maybe. Roaring log fire. Butter drenched crumpets. Sunday roast dinner. Nights close in. Brandy inner glow. Cuddles on

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The Peugeot of four oh six

The Peugeot is dead, long live the Nissan Micra

It wasn’t the scratches (multiple and in the same place) down its side

Or the hole where the drivers side lock used to be that wasn’t too much of a problem …

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The drill hall

There is something dark about the mask on the wall outside the Drill Hall – especially as dusk is approaching and you can see the light through the eye socketsFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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The rogue branch

not long for this world

No more than a twig really but it is reaching out of the hedge in an attempt to steal the light from its neighbours. A forlorn effort. It will be cut off before ever reaching

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The 80s Disco

Tired bodies,
ravaged by 20 years of kids and progress,
time thickened legs, bloated rear end,
handbags danced still around
sucked in stomachs
no longer cool an option,
later, cocoa, an appropriate end,
background hiss filled ears, sleep.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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K²day: Thin Air

Photo Mar 06, 13 00 04

12h40-13h32, 06-March-2013

Flight delayed, word of “extremely slippery” conditions on the road from Keflavik to Reykjavik, and My Missus just received a call from her bank asking if she is in the U.S. racking up charges on her credit card …

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I’m here, looking at the trees.
They look so tired after a day of pounding.
The sun (I see) is setting in the west and the clouds are scooting wildly across the tops of the ash and elder.
Who would …

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The football match

It was a cold Sunday morning with snow on the ground. Not icy though so there was no problem with the game going ahead. The journey to Caythorpe took longer than I had expected. This was partly because of the

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3rd Law Part 30 – the hospital visit

There are lots of pictures on the wall in this room. Far more than we have in our house. There is an explanation for this. Pictures have a habit of being knocked off the wall by a robust and growing …

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wednesday 27th january abbreviated

Swim 30 mins, weetabix banana raisins, chat with Hannah, chat with Joe, sign off fixes/mods, agree to go to Barcelona for MWC, book flights & hotels & trains, ryvita & cottage cheese lunch, chat with dad, work on …

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