Maggie Thatcher

Mrs T

What a wonderful woman, was our Mrs T
An iconic leader in our history
She was on everyone’s invite, top of …

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No goodbye

He turned for one last look at the children and walked away. They carried on playing with their friends, laughing and screaming as kids do, taking no notice of the fact that he was going. Turning a corner he was …

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Hairdo conversations

Single sided hairdo telephone conversation heard on a train:

Helen has gone back to a bob with a fringe – she’s really blonde
I’m growing mine back
You do look young but I don’t think that is a bad thing.…

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K²day: Digital Disposability

Photo Jun 12, 21 18 57

13h38-14h35, 28-February-2013

The window for a personal word or two is a bit tight today, so let’s see how I do at minimizing distraction and matching my typing to my thinking (write now, edit later).

I have a tendency to …

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My belly is even fuller.


Skipped breakfast this morning although I did nip down for a quick reviving espresso which is something I don’t normally do. Had a phone call with Mair from BBC Radio Cymru to discuss my forthcoming appearance on the Betti

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sentry I

The wind beats my cheeks and blows back my hair as I stand on the breakwater gazing out to sea.

sentry I

wind: pummels cheeks
blows hair, unkempt, across face
catching eye, distracting not

as I search the scudding clouds…

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Off to Newcastle

End of first year at uni

Off to pick Joe up this morning. First year at Newcastle all done. Taking the bike rack. Seemed a bit of a waste of time taking the bike in the first place as I

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The mind wonders

Don’t put your hand in the fire Mrs Worthington, don’t put your hand in the fire.

Fuel we have a plenty and the room is warm.

The logs crackle and appear to spring to life for no particular reason.

All …

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The return journey with greenjumperman

There’s something about international train stations. Perhaps it’s because by and large we don’t have them in the UK, the Eurostar out of St Pancras being the exception. Seeing the names of what are to me exotic destinations up on …

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Casa Gonzalez

dos bottles of rioja per favor

Another memorable night out last night as guests of our friends at INEX. Very pleasant company. Basically a wine and cheese evening at a caff called Casa Gonzalez. The waiter struggled at times  

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Painted chair in early morning light

Chair in period cream painted by the artist’s wife using a pot of paint randomly acquired by the children some years ago. The tin of paint was in a cardboard box outside someone’s house and labelled “free to a good …

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Can’t quite remember now where I took this pic though I could probably work it out from the metadata and a look at my calendar if I was that bothered. It looked good. It tasted good. By golly it was …

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Sat 6th Feb 2013

breakfast and lunch

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The new reality

Fumbling to unlock my phone I stare at the icons far longer than any sane person should. The screen was about to timeout – again – as I finally focussed on the clock; clock? Clock? I have no idea what …

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Lincoln A2Z J13 – Tritton Road

I was a bit disappointed to find that J13 was a different bit of Tritton Road to the one I had been thinking of. Had it been L11 there were lots of things to talk about. I’ve even already written …

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noisy bunch quiet brunch

Cooped up, stressed, tired, argumentative, sulky, whinge, smoke alarm, trumpet practice, noise, noise, noise, noise, noise.

A bike ride brings peace. A corner of the table. A quiet brunch.  A large cup of tea.  Ahhh.

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Coast to coast day 3

Rosthwaite to Patterdale

This is the fourth video from our coast to coast walk back in May. These are pretty rudimentary videos but they give you an idea of the walk as we did it and for me serve as …

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Me and Josephine Docherty

whisky, curry and Glasgow rain

Arrived in Glasgow mid afternoon yesterday for UKNOF 35 and made my way to the very comfortable Hilton on Williams Street. Cold was in full flow so had a little kip before heading out to

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