Sancerre, my home away from my home away from home.

As I have mentioned before I visit France regularly. When I do, my destination is usually Sancerre.

My best friend, who as since …

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3rd Law Part 42 – the dawn chorus

The dawn chorus is in full voice.  With several part harmony. It’s the best time of day, no question though I am pretty fond of the end of a nice warm day. We don’t get em very often. Mornings are …

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IoM Day 11 – Water Slide and Soap Box Derby

go Pat go

It’s a calm Sunday morning. We are having brunch today as Tom is off back to London on the 14.50 out of Ronaldsway International. I am planning to get him a taxi for 13.20 as there is

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andrew massing is a luxury

andrew massing is a luxury
top shelf goods
positioned to shape
and deliver strategy

sharp of mind
and king of utility
he stands out
in a speakeasy world

working to a plan
shrewd objectivity personified
he, luxuriant, rocks.

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The man from Tesco

with no name

He was sat in the cafe at Waterstones bookshop. I first saw him at the YMCA in January 1984 when I moved to Lincoln from Bangor. My first job, at Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd. I remember that

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A Few Things You Need To Know About Elephants and Cows

Cows have horns in different places to elephants. Both need to be avoided.

Cows don’t have trunks, elephants do which can come in very handy especially for drinking up buckets of beer and then squirting it at whoever is sitting …

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#Carol singing bash at Morning Star

Morning Star

Get on down to the Morning Star tomorrow night for a spot of carol singing. That’s Wednesday 19th December starting at 8ish with Colin Dudman on the piano forte. Last year’s was a great success and it will be even …

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Still Life

A back garden in Lincoln.

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group hug

by philosopheroNtap

This is an online group hug for people who want to get things off their chests and/or have a hug with others. It’s a lot more sterile than an actual physical hug but better than sitting alone in
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Is it late summer?

or early autumn

Probably both. It’s a great time of year.

Nice tea and pudding down at Helen and Stefs last night. They are fundraising for Rosie to go on a school trip to South Africa in 2018. Met someone

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3rd Law Part 59 – the right path

You have to walk the path. Keep off the grass. If requested. There will be a sign. Usually a small metal rectangle embedded in the grass itself. Green. Both sign and grass, though the lettering on the sign will be …

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Bank Holiday Monday – an uphill walk

killer walk to Clogwyn Station

Final prep for our walk today. Headed up the Llanberis Path to Snowdon. We won’t go all the way up as the weather is not good but at least for the moment it isn’t driving

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The banana death roll

Rare photograph of bananas just before death. The sight was too gruesome for video – the screams raise the hairs on the back of the neck.

This is not an instant death. The bananas suffer terribly as the black death …

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Dark outside

It’s getting dark outside. The clocks went back last week and the nights have closed in on us. I like this time of year. This afternoon I cleaned the grate out and set the fire ready for a cosy evening …

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The Lincoln Olympic Stadium – you heard it first on philosopherontap

Lincoln needs public institutions

It’s a good thing the 6 Nations rugby tournament has weekends where there is no play. Ostensibly this is to allow players to recover from what are obviously very physical games that take their toll on

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Lincoln A2Z Bb2 The Joiners Arms

I’ve only ever been to the Joiners Arms the once but that was only a couple of weeks ago and you can be sure that I’ll be going again. I was late home on a Friday night having been to …

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K²day: Ferries Caught, Minutes Shy

Photo Mar 12, 11 43 14

21h28-23h13, 12-March-2013

Previously…on ‘Dallas’.

Between the time I left for Yeshiva University in October ’83 and July ’86 my folks moved once again, this time into a split-level house…a house that came complete with a designated For-When-Kory-is-Home room that was …

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sad music

Sad music fills my head knowing you are gone.
My heart, once light with the carefree pleasures
of our younger days when your nature,
spirited, excited and challenged,
was pleased to soak in the sunshine of your ways,
now weighs …

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