If a picture paints 500 words what would those words be?

Another online Arts Festival Event – 7pm Thursday 23rd Feb

Here we go folks. It’s the next phil0s0pher0ntap online event for arty types,

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Lincoln A2Z J13 – Tritton Road

I was a bit disappointed to find that J13 was a different bit of Tritton Road to the one I had been thinking of. Had it been L11 there were lots of things to talk about. I’ve even already written …

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year end

The crisp,
quiet ending to a year
that reached crescendo,
celebrated not lamented,
the flickering fire,
log fed, crackles,
fat bellies sprawl
and nothing moves,
a cold induced lock-down
pending new hope.

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Isle of Man day 5

A lovely summer’s day which considering that we were off on a trip on the Manx Electric Railway was somewhat of an anomaly. I have years of family photos taken in front of the MER station building in Laxey clad …

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3rd Law Part 47 – I was up at half past three

Tiredness is not normally a productive state of mind.  I thought I’d see what came out. Tonight I am tired. Not dead beat tired, almost asleep on my feet tired. Just a been up since 3.30 am tired that  I …

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Westgate Stores

the Burton Road Strip

Can we stop off
On the way home
From school for sweets?

We can stop off
On the way
To the pub for fags!

(If takeaways aren’t on
Tonight’s menu)

Load up on the way home…

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Joefest2016 Highlights

fantastic weekend had by all

Joefest 2016 was a triumph that could not be dampened by the rain squalls that periodically blew in from the West.


Picked up 3 barrels of ale from Pheasantry brewery Wednesday and installed them

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Lincoln A to Z D13 Birchwood

When I were a lad my first proper job, in 1984, was at Marconi on Doddington Road in Lincoln and Dave Hopkins and I used to nip home to his place at midday for a spot of lunch. Things were …

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Dear Eleanor


28th December 2006.


My Dear Eleanor,

Recognising that we have been invited to your 50th birthday bash cum memorial for Jim I decided to put some thought into a present that would be suitable for

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Attend your own wake

Don’t wait until you can’t attend the party. How many times are there when you get all your old mates together in the same room? Probably not since your wedding. Well now’s the chance. Don’t wait until you are dead. …

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Tucked in behind a tree.

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Saturday and the warm weather is returning

and I wear shorts

Good Joefest meeting out at the farm. Shaping up to be a good bash fair play. On the way home we stopped off at Waitrose to buy a boneless shoulder of lamb for the spit tomorrow.

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philosopherontap the options


The options
philosopherontap Philosopherontap pHilosopherontap phIlosopherontap philLosopherontap philOsopherontap philoSopherontap philosOpherontap philosoPherontap philosopHerontap philosophErontap philosopheRontap philosopherOntap philosopheroNtap philosopheronTap philosopherontAp philosopherontaP ph1losopherontap phil0sopherontap philos0pherontap philosoph3rontap philosopher0ntap philosopheront4p

The challenge
A word of 16 letters – all of which have two variables …

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Valentine’s Day 2016 and it’s all about a hedge

Hedged my bets with an incinerator

The weather today has been cold but sunny. I took advantage of the sun to get out in the garden and use the incinerator I bought yesterday. It’s very satisfying for us blokes to

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Brussel sprout flavoured isosceles triangles
available from a good gastro geometric outlet near you,
banana trapezium, its full flavour slips down well at the gymnasium,
merry go round in toffee apple infused circles,
square noises chop through imperfect ponds and…

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the last few days of summer

We are in the last few days of summer. Goodness gracious me an Indian summer. This isn’t summer in its death throws. It’s going to be a hot languid day with movement kept to a minimum but we know thanks …

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white batch

Lateish start this morning due to yesterday’s very long lunch. Met Gary Stobie and Adie on the Prince at 1.30 and got home at well gone 9pm.  The route was Taphouse > Prince > Duke > Strugglers >

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mercat st josep la boqueria

wonderful colours in this market on la rambla.












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y coliers

wyth awr i lawr i lwch,
uffern o le mewn tywyllwch;
eu tynged oedd syched hwch,
diffrwythwyd mewn diffeithwch.

gan alun davies

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job lot of leeks

Anne bought a job lot of leeks, boy,
From a little chap down some dark alley.
He said, “These will last you for weeks, boy,
Since I’ve heard your Tref’s from the valley.”
But Trefor’s too posh for such things, …

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