If a picture paints 500 words what would those words be?

Another online Arts Festival Event – 7pm Thursday 23rd Feb

Here we go folks. It’s the next phil0s0pher0ntap online event for arty types,

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Hairdo conversations

Single sided hairdo telephone conversation heard on a train:

Helen has gone back to a bob with a fringe – she’s really blonde
I’m growing mine back
You do look young but I don’t think that is a bad thing.…

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The kettle boils, hopefully

The kettle boils, hopefully. I meant to say that I hope the kettle will boil rather than an observation as to the mental state of the kettle as it is boiling.

The tea brews; you know what I’m saying

The …

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Phone Box

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Clocks go back

nice lie in

Clocks went back this morning. Yay. A relaxed start to the day although somewhat tempered by the fact that at 9.30am Anne discovered that John’s hockey meet was at 9.30am. He got dressed, ate a bacon sandwich

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Dave Cameron’s familiar cabinet

David (Dave) Cameron
Nick Clegg
William (Bill) Hague
George (George) Osborne
Vince (Vinny) Cable
Liam (Foxy) Fox
Andrew (Andy) Lansley
Chris Huhne
Ken (Kenny) Clarke
Theresa (Tree) May
Michael (Mike) Gove
David (Dave) Laws
Danny (Boy) Alexander
Eric (Ricky) Pickles…

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Thank god It’s Friday No Not Really

After a busy day yesterday it’s back to the Lincoln home office today. In fact it’s Lincon now until Tuesday 19th April at which point it starts to get busy.

Joe goes back

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The Sunday afternoon peace

Kids are doing some homework or quietly getting on with something. Anne has popped out to Tesco and is picking up the printer ink that I thought I was going to have to go and get myself. The fire is …

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only 20 mins swim

& hot Caribbean jerk marinade for the bbq

Only 20 mins swim today. Didn’t have my contact lenses in and saw the attendants move the black bins that they put the lane markers in in place. They usually do this

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Its Christmas Everyone

Its so nearly Christmas,
I just can’t wait,
The present pile under the tree is growing,
There’s one for you and one for me,
Time flies by, its Christmas eve already,
Just one more sleep until…

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tulips from Amsterdam

These literally are tulips from Amsterdam. Would I lie to you? It is also spring again. I won’t be taking any back to my true love though. We already have some in the ground at home though they don’t appear …

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crisp white linen

crisp white linen,
deadly silence,
occasional chink of careful crockery,
muzak – 1812 overture!
toast comes too early, always,
I try and eat without noise,
the food is good.

The Bird in Hand, Twyford.

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Hannah gets a 2 1

& The Pylons head for Glasto

Sitting here listening to some saxophone practice. The steady timekeeping tap of the right foot. The conservatory doors are open into the garden. It is a beautiful day out there. The birds are happy.

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Busy busy busy

up goes the marquee

Was awake at around 5.30 am today doing JoeFest stuff. Spreadsheet. Out to the farm after breakfast to deliver the beer and associated peripherals. Found a very wet field. I imagine it is something like Glastonbury …

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The couple on the train

I sat on the train last night headed out of Liverpool Street Station bound for Ipswich. I had a reservation but there were no tickets indicating that particular seats were reserved so I chose a better seat at a table …

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Box ticked

Box ticked
Been there
Done that
What next?

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2010 Royal Air Force Waddington International Air Show

Commercial Participant – Conditions of Entry
The Ministry of Defence cannot accept any responsibility in respect of personal injury, loss or damage to vehicles of property including motor vehicles in the car …

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Chromebook selfie – probably not the way ahead

phone knackered so today’s image is chromebook selfie

Full of cold this morning. Probably a good job we’ve decided to give ourselves the day off. Weather is totally pants and the best two days look like being Monday and Wednesday

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Pleasant start to the day having breakfast with Anne

back from Harrogate

Pleasant start to the day having breakfast with Anne. We had a reasonably nice suite at the Holiday Inn. She has now popped off to the shops and to “do” Betty’s Tea Room again and I am …

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Only one thing left on the jobslist

Only one line item left on the jobslist. Hanging a picture in the kitchen. Then we can nip to Waitrose for a few choice morsels to accompany tonight’s pulled pork. A bottle of red wine stands patiently on the worktop.…

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The function room is back!

It’s been a while.

Sometimes you get a feeling and when it comes you just have to follow your instincts. It works for rooms just as much as the punters that occupy them.

So we lost the function room.

It …

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