If a picture paints 500 words what would those words be?

Another online Arts Festival Event – 7pm Thursday 23rd Feb

Here we go folks. It’s the next phil0s0pher0ntap online event for arty types,

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Off to Newcastle

End of first year at uni

Off to pick Joe up this morning. First year at Newcastle all done. Taking the bike rack. Seemed a bit of a waste of time taking the bike in the first place as I

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K²day: Flying a Sane Kite

2013-03-06 11.26.17

22h53-23h57, 08-March-2013

So no excuses. I knew that carving out time to write each day while on holiday in Iceland with My Missus and The Boy was going to be a challenge, what with our typically frenetic mornings, the fact …

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Civil, war

XSat high in the hills where love is norm:-
The basis for life, everyday.

Where the absence of love fuels a desire to love,
And love a desire to live.

Over, again, looking down on crater lakes;
On flora vivid …

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the rare summer

I came up from my own world
for the rare summer,
pleasant scented breeze
made evening perfect,
lifted my clear head and strolled
until I met nobody,
close to the longest day.

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My family home

At number fifty four

There is a house in Severn road
And it’s number fifty four
Where neighbours thought there lived ten kids
And were shocked to discover four more

There was Kath and john, me dad and mom
And …

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Art and the boy from The North

Hello, my name’s Rob Wilmot. Over several brandies, Tref persuaded me to take on the role of Art Correspondent on his blog, Philosopherontap. He and I are a bit alike, as we’ve both made our careers as technologists …

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floral arrangement in the snow

There’s something WI flower show about this image or maybe even the Chelsea Flower Show. It would be a hugely expensive display to put on at Chelsea because of the cost of creating the artificial snow and stopping it from …

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Data, power!

XClung on because I couldn’t let go,
Hung on because I could;
I daren’t delete, and nor dare you!
A disk for me, a hall, or two.

Our future but a hoarders’ folly,
Brought together without remorse;
Fragments here, remnants …

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Nobody will miss me

XI can’t got home,
And I can’t stay here;
I have nowhere to hide…
My heart beats faster,
Each day lived in fear.
When the hit-man calls,
You won’t learn what I’ve done.
When the drone strike hits,
Nobody will …

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Online Arts Festival by philosopherontap

Be there or be absent 🙂

Sunday morning with Classic FM. Very relaxing. Just had a cooked breakfast. 2 slow cooked spicy Lincolnshire sausages from Curtis’ butchers in the Bailgate, 3 rashers of streaky bacon, one fried tomato, fried egg,

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10 12 16

Titanic flotsam

It is 13.04 on Saturday 10th December in the year 2016 of the common Era. The train was supposed to depart at 13.03 and in fact is leaving the station right now. As I speak, metaphorically speaking. My

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Out of the shadows

We fear the shadows,
not for what lurks there
but for what we might do
if we wore that cloak.

The chilling Vaudeville mask,
fixed in constant mockery,
gives echo to our own hollow laughter,
gives mirror to our cynical …

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cheese and onion crisps

Krakow style

tasted just like Smiths crisps

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Sitting Girl


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golden magic fish eye

I met a golden fish,
With a evil wish,
To use his magic eye,
And put me in the sky,
Now up there I won’t know,
What’s going on below,
He’ll steal my mobile phone,
To dial his way back …

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At 1 o’clock the ground was already bustling with people as the mascot reported for duty. The parking attendant orchestrated. A room at the back of the club shop provided the kit for the day.

Yellow stewards bibs abounded. Black clad …

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The Box

At arms length from other boxes
On the outskirts of town stands a box,
Poorly protected by a flimsy slat fence
A thin hedge takes the full blast of the wind
Across the bare fields and over the quarry below.…

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A working thursday

board meeting with a view

LONAP board meeting in the breakfast room of the Waldick B&B this morning followed by lunch at the bowling club cafe next door. We do things in style innit. Much cheaper than having it in …

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The British summer holiday weather

Early rain / drizzle then dry for a time but further rain / showers later. Hill fog, especially early & again later
SW veering W or NW, 10 to 18
Good, occasionally moderate. Very poor in …

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