Off the wall

Cheesewire cuts the souls beneath my feet.
Frowning down at
Emotional account – is overdrawn.
Planning permission required
From grass-roots up;
The …

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The arm wrestle

I’ll not have any 9 year old kid beating me at arm wrestling thank you!

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The kitchen

A sirloin steak, rare, 2 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the second, coated in crushed black pepper.

A simple salad , lettuce, vine tomatoes and spring onions with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar dressing.

Caramelised …

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Sober October Day 11

Slightly tedious Day 11. Sorting out quotes. Need some more info to be able to finish off. Took car to superhand car wash (or whatever it’s called) on Outer Circle Road . Was covered in gunk off the trees in

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Monday 1st February – the toothache saga continues as Henry blows in

Henry seems an appropriate name to follow Gertrude – what a pair

Went for a swim this morning. Slightly late getting into the pool because I woke up in the middle of the night with a bunged up nose and

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Inner Turmoil

A middle aged woman in a red anorak grasped the handrail and peered worriedly into the empty depths, her inner turmoil etched all over her face. As I swung my black bag into the skip marked ‘Household Waste’ she turned …

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that time of year

Another absoluuuuutely beautiful Autumn day. I wonder when the first storm will hit us. In the meantime am enjoying the season.

Rattled off a few quick jobs already this morning and it is only 9.43. Fixed

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Low sun and cold morning

all is well

It’s been a great family Christmas. Waved goodbye to dad and Sue last night after another successful meal (gammon chips and peas for 9 – mass catering that amount of chips takes planning) and now up at

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three thirty four am

why am I awake?

3:34 a.m. and Anne is up and ready to set off for Ferrara with the girls. The alarm was set for 3:30 and so we’ve been waking up off and on all night. Claire is picking

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This post has no title

I can hear the traffic passing by below. A scooter accelerates. A lorry runs over something and its load clanks a little. The room is hot and I have the window open to let some fresh air in although it …

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Exhibit A

Breadknife on beech butcher’s block, March 2018. The knife is part of a set that was purchased some years ago and is regularly used for the purpose of slicing bread.

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Cafe Zoot

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Sign of the times

speaks for itself. sign of the times – a bus stop in Hamburg.

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first rain in 5 months

bring out the water butts

Another wet day on our feet in Madreeed. Apparently they have had five months without rain so it is badly needed. Can’t begrudge em that.

Late up agin and consumed a very fine spanish omlette …

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The Chainsaw

shut your eyes and listen

I can hear it. It is in a back garden three doors up the road. No idea what it is doing. Just the ebb and flow of its loud noise cutting through wood. Low heavy …

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Colours in Winter

The colours at this time of year are wonderfully dark. All variations of black and brown with only the occasional frosty white for a fringe. There is a wan green but it’s limp lack of chlorophyll offers a pitifully muddy …

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Philip Christian Clothworker

Up early and down to see Fenella Beach and the breakwater. Went in the car but only because I don’t have any warm clothing and this is the Isle of Man we are talking about. Swung by Shoprite to purchase

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Mortgage applied for

Good night’s kip. Awake at 6.15 and downstairs to book a hotel for Tom in Sheffield using my HHonors account and Amex. It’s  all about avios and Anne and my first class jaunt somewhere far away in 2 years time.

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3rd Law Part 57 – early morning in Peel

The sea is calm. Occasional waves run feebly up the beach. A fishing boat ambles across my field of view and I can see the mountains of Mourne, shadowy forms in the far distance. The herring gulls congregate loudly and …

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Lincoln A2Z L5 Ermine West

You can get lost in Ermine West without too much difficulty. Actually that is not true.  I once took a wrong turning there and ended up nowhere. It was a mistake easily rectified and nothing was really lost other than …

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