Mr Blue Sky

I had to upload this photo as a contrast with the shot from the summit of Snowdon last weekend. It was, as may …

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and Joe is back

A great day of sporting results yesterday. First Lewis Hamilton won the British F1 Grand Prix. The our Andy won Wimbledon and finally Portugal won the European cup. Remember that I’m not a football fan but

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You are now entering the congestion zone

You are now entering the congestion zone
6th form college enrolling now
High Quality Offices To Let
Marks and Spencer – Simply Food
Paul Ponsonby Specialist Distribution
The Firm – in cinemas September 18th
not completely confident female cyclist
Crouch …

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thursday evening

family meal

It’s thursday evening. We’ve eaten the chicken and chorizo stew (with chorizo cooked in dry sherry) and made a start on the cheese I bought for Christmas. I might need to top up some of the cheese for

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Friday Night Is Music Night

Friday night isn’t normally music night in our house. Tonight the younger lads are X-Boxing, Anne is out school PTA quizzing, Hannah is dancing and Tom is radioing. So tonight I have a bottle or two of beer, twitter and …

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Tango romeo echo foxtrot.

Tango romeo echo foxtrot.  That’s my handle, my call sign, the way I like to be recognised. It’s what I answer to, everywhere I go, at home, in the street and in the farthest reaches of your imagination. It wouldn’t …

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The Piccadilly Alternative

The next station is…
Kings X – 11 stops to go
Russell Square – don’t get off here unless your name is Russell
Holborn – hmm
Covent Garden – party-time ‘n flaars
Leicester Square – nowhere near Leicester guv’nor and …

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Guest beers at the Victoria – 22 January 2010

Everards Sunchaser 4% £2.95
Hopback Cropcircle 4% £2.95
Fyne Ales Highlander 4.8% £2.95
Harvestown Haggis Hunter 4.3% £2.95

Broadoak Perry (pear cider) 7.5% £2.00

They were obviously trying to shift the Perry

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bird seed, new guitar strings and ashes tickets

I am happy to announce it’s a typical British spring day. Rain, wind, and in the absence of Mrs Davies who is away visiting her mother, no jobs list. Whilst nothing is written down on the chores front that isn’t …

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Referendum disaster

It’s “leave”

Somewhat exhausted this morning. Late to bed with the referendum on telly and was woken up in the middle of the night by something outside. We found a metal ring in the drive this morning. No idea where

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The typo – God Bless Amurica

@charlesarthur @nytimes God less Amurica

oops that should have read

@charlesarthur @nytimes God bless Amurica

a simple slip by @tref consigned a whole continent to spiritual oblivion

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3rd Law Part 50 – tomorrow is another day

The garden is mostly in shade which believe it or not is ideal for such a warm day. I can hear the occasional loud jet fly in or out of RAF Waddington. The airshow is in full swing. It is …

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Shell garage

Food on the go,
For people on the move.

Snap your fingers
To the rhythm of a
Pork pie and a pint of milk.

Hit on a coffee
For those wide awake moments.

Mars bars and Lucozade
For that morning …

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Lincoln A2Z R14 – Canwick Pits

What do you think of when you hear the words Canwick Pits? Crap innit? Canwick, it’s the pits. It’s not really. The pits are a quarry where much of the stone used in walls around the very ancient village of …

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group hug

by philosopheroNtap

This is an online group hug for people who want to get things off their chests and/or have a hug with others. It’s a lot more sterile than an actual physical hug but better than sitting alone in
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For the record the first leaves fell today

For the record the first leaves fell today,
The first act of autumn
As the season holds sway,
The swath of russett, withering wound,
Scars the hedgerow, then lies bloodless on the ground.

The rake renews the grassy sheen
Though …

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choir of King’s College Cambridge

crammed into our conservatory

The choir of King’s College Cambridge are singing away in the background. They are all crammed into our conservatory. It’s a professional performance despite the fact that there isn’t really room for them all to fit

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output gastronomic

Up I am and dressed, two vests for winter,
Heating engaged, the house feels warm.

The gentlest of Saturdays, a visit to Waitrose
Leeks, carrots, lamb, tomorrow a prospect.

Creative juice transformed, output gastronomic,
Post indulgent slumber on sofa.

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Queenstown, New Zealand

I travelled to Queenstown back in may 2008. It was also the same time that I started screwing around with stitching panoramic images from multiple exposures.

It wasn’t until recently that I revisited the original raw images and decided to …

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