Sylvia Casey Interior Design

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birdbath in winter

just a birdbath in winter

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No billboard just coffee table,

mostly words, laid bare,

open or not for interpretation,

initially free of stain, coffee or other.



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The quiet coach!

The quiet coach,
The crunch of crisp packets,
The rustling of newspapers
And the murmur of conversations
Would almost drown out the noise of
Any mobile phone!

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impressive city

Good UKNOF35 session yesterday. These are great networking events and from a LONAP perspective very useful ways to engage with members. Few pints and a curry afterwards then relatively early to bed.

Heading back sarf today.

After the

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Hairdo conversations

Single sided hairdo telephone conversation heard on a train:

Helen has gone back to a bob with a fringe – she’s really blonde
I’m growing mine back
You do look young but I don’t think that is a bad thing.…

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Classical Coffee at the Blue Room

Classical coffee at the Blue Room Note after relaxing note his fingers tranced New York 1926, Roosevelt Hotel, Gershwin Moskowski’s Awesome Moustache Martin and Mary (not from Abertillery) Wherever I go in life I have a clock that beats time…
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Alistair Cooke

Radio 4 is running some repeats of Christmas editions of Alistair Cooke’s “Letter From America”. What struck me in listening to one of the broadcasts was the breadth of subject matter he could draw on to write about. He was …

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Sunday afternoon at the Strugglers

We were taking a walk, Joe and I. Sunday afternoon. The Joseph Banks Conservatory had just closed so we carried on past the castle. Steve was unloading his guitar and audio kit from the car in the car park next …

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the last mince pie

fitting end to Christmas

a moment of quiet contemplation if you pleaseFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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California here I come

Rarely can
an individual have
chosen so wisely in
heading beyond the extremities of the
english weather;
leaving behind a
build up of snow and
rather slippery ice
is what some might term
though I might have
overused the…

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Thank god It’s Friday No Not Really

After a busy day yesterday it’s back to the Lincoln home office today. In fact it’s Lincon now until Tuesday 19th April at which point it starts to get busy.

Joe goes back

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word game

play this at home

This is a game anyone can play at home. Work it out for yourself.



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the break

master class


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Whitby Day 3 – The Last

includes exclusive NYMR crew changeover vid

Bright breezy morning here at the Whitby Holiday Park. Not a cloud in the sky. Perfect British summer holiday weather. The kettle is on. Tea will be on it’s way shortly. All is well.

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Birdsong and boozy Sunday lunches

Feb 4th and the birds are singing for me and my gal

Feb the fourth doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as May the fourth. For one thing May 4th is Anne’s birthday but also saying Feb the

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autumn in

Waterside South


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The mind wonders

Don’t put your hand in the fire Mrs Worthington, don’t put your hand in the fire.

Fuel we have a plenty and the room is warm.

The logs crackle and appear to spring to life for no particular reason.

All …

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Isle of Man Day 2

It was a beautiful afternoon when we arrived at the Isle of Man.  Ice cream on the promenade weather. The following morning was a different story entirely.


Joe and I went to the quay immediately after breakfast to try our

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Buy Book1

The Abandoned Sandy Shoe

The ebook is fantastic value. With 186 poems and chinks together with insights into the story behind each piece the Abandoned Sandy Shoe ebook will keep you entertained on many a long flight and holiday. Dip …

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