The Lawnmower

In prehistoric times if it was done at all it is likely that the function of the lawnmower was performed by the …

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Lincoln A2Z G8 – Fossdyke

When the weather is fine you’ll be spending your time just messing about on the river. As the song goes. The Fossdyke isn’t an actual river but hey. Who cares. It is water and if it is a sunny day …

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Which Brother do we prefer?

Heavier? Nicer?
Faster? Louder?
Blacker? Meaner?
Possibly all these and maybe more.
Both came from Nagato and arrived within a year of each other.
Both made at the best Japanese guitar factory – Fujigen.
You won’t see another like …

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Sunday 16th December 2018

My plan for today

Already broken the fast with a toasted bacon and mushroom sandwich and now sat in front of the newly lit fire which is crackling as the kindling is made up mostly of pine. No match required …

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Still Life

still the leaves fall

Gentle start to the day. Anne has taken John to school and is then off downtown so I am going solo this morning. Her parting shot was “there are some sausages that need using up”. What

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on way home

Missed Eurostar!!

What a morning. Pleasant leisurely breakfast (bacon roll with HP) with Dave Cargill at the Hilton and then a taxi to the train station. I was doing my usually piece to camera in front of the departures board

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Historic number though not logical sitting as it does next to seventy six. Question raiser. Shiny brass on a black satin background.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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The last game of cricket

of the season

Bit of a lie in this morning as I ended up with Nige in the Lincoln TapHouse and Kitchen having had dinner there with John. Got back from IoM at 7.15, changed and went straight there. Was

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3rd Law Part 22 – do Buddhists get cold feet?

It’s funny how little things can upset you. On this occasion I don’t really mean “upset”. I was going to use the word disconcerting but that didn’t seem right either. The word I really want is somewhere in between disconcerting …

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The men in the pub

I was stood at the bar of the Morning Star, not chatting to the barman. It’s one of the great things about popping into a local pub for a swift one. Sometimes you chat with the barman, sometimes with whoever …

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Christmas Day


It’s been a great build up to Christmas. Seems a long time now since it actually started with the Davies family Christmas Market Party. First weekend in December so an early kickoff to the festivities.

The next event is

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mixing batter



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crowded café

crowded café, quiet murmur
newspapers, smartphones, bacon sandwiches
outside, bright Saturday morning
sun competes with sharp frost,
most customers sit alone
TV switches on, intrudes
nobody watches, except I watch people
and pictures on wall
murmur volume grows
competing with …

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The 5th of May

XOn the 5th of May I didn’t wake up,

My eyes stayed shut and my kidneys packed up;

My lungs didn’t breathe and my bowels didn’t grind,

My ears heard nothing, and nor did my mind!


The broken fence, …

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click here for Part 2

I’ve been potting some chilli plants. Got the seeds a few weeks ago in Focus Do It All and sowed them in a tray in the conservatory. As if by magic the seedlings started to …

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Boats in harbour

The fishing fleet was all in harbour due to a forecast of bad weather later in the day. I’m not sure I’ve seen so many of them moored up at the same time before. The photo was taken with my …

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Dawn raid

on the conservatory

A somewhat bleary eyed 5.20 am but I am awake, it is summer, and I am up. The wood pigeons are being their usual noisy selves in the trees around the back garden to which the conservatory

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I reckon someone has stolen some broccoli from the “F”.


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The chilli crop is in and all is well

It’s raining outside. I can tell without looking because of the noise on the conservatory roof. The fire crackles in the grate and inside I feel a comfortable glow.

It is not long now until the clocks go back. It …

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Sunday in Krakow

where it rains

Somewhat groggy start to the day occasioned by the copious amount of wodka dished out in between courses at dinner last night. Was a very good night out. Many thanks to Elisa Jasinska for organising. Pleased to

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