Feels like

a Saturday

Feels like a Saturday morning but I am reliably informed it is only Wednesday. This is because we were at the …

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sobering thoughts – man sleeping rough

I can see this man from my bedroom window on the 5th floor of the Hamburg Sofitel. This is a luxury hotel and the guy is in his sleeping bag under a covered walkway. This morning I had a very …

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A plimsoll line

A plimsoll line on a tea clipper.

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The thin veil

Petrol runs dry,
Country grinds quickly to a desperate halt,
Troops out.

The thin veil of civilisation,
Grab, rip, tear, anarchy exposed.

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Peel 11th April 2012. 6am

The sea is not quite as rough this morning. Not a soul about in town though I can see a couple of people fishing on the breakwater in the distance.

It’s a funny communal pattern – sleep by night and …

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that time of year

Another absoluuuuutely beautiful Autumn day. I wonder when the first storm will hit us. In the meantime am enjoying the season.

Rattled off a few quick jobs already this morning and it is only 9.43. Fixed

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Scenes from Fenella Beach in winter

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Des has been in the chippy business all his life

I know all the staff there.
Des has been in the chippy business all his life
I went there last Friday
they were queueing outside the door
it was raining and
I had to shelter under the awning outside
the …

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Foods Of The Family

From an original idea from Hannah with help from Megs in the pool.

Stella, Stella, Chicken Paella,
Lily, Lily, Sausages are silly,
Meg, Meg, boiled egg,
Hannah, Hannah, bendy bananas,
John, John, tea and scone,
Joe, Joe, ate his big …

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Oft mistook for a figurehead, Lizzie
walks tall despite her five foot something,
at the birthday bash, always a huge success
an annual event not to be missed,
friends gather to celebrate,
as they do each year, the homage on …

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After forty years of mortarboard and gown

The outgoing headmaster is far from retiring,
It’s pastures new, not out to grass,
His mark is made, register overflowing,
On final examination, the best in class.

For Mr Paul Strong who after 25 years is moving on from William

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The Violin

Copy of image03

Copy of image05

Copy of image07

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Friday – the journey home

chill out weekend in prospect

Back on the train headed Nowf out of the Cross of Kings. Chap talking loudly on the phone – asking “you and Dick to do the specimens on Monday”. At least it was a short

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jura dawn

photo - "jura dawn" by Blues

photo – “jura dawn” by Blues

waters gently lap
whilst the light slowly
grows in intensity,
nature’s perfect alarm clock
a gradual awakening,
reflection on the day ahead,
eastern promise exclaimed
in western islands, perfect

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Shrove Tuesday

Pancake day yay plus ten miler and Red Arrows

I love pancakes. Why on earth do we only cook them once a year. That isn’t entirely true as Anne regularly makes banana pancakes for breakfast. However I am talking about

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Large decaff skinny latte please
Thank you
2 65 please
Thank you
Sound of till opening and coins jangling
2 35 change
Thank you
There you go (hands over drink)
Spoons just at the end of the counter…

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the first cup

I sip the first cup
carefully until cool,
swill and swallow,

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and more brrrr

A cold start to the morning. Went downstairs at 6.15 ostensibly to make the tea and to use the laptop to reply to some Facebook comments. Foolishly “accepted” and Apple upgrade which wrote off the use of

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the line of the hedge

the line of the hedge
so sharp it cuts
your view in two
dirty white above
pale green below
the dark stripe
yellow flags flutter
indicating wind
speed and direction

the line of cars
haphazard, holds back
parents delaying
the …

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