of mundanities

and the cost of a loaf of bread

Warwick beat East London in University Challenge last night fwiw. Anne is good at UC.

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Little Lincoln Imp Cheese and other musings

Little Lincoln Imp Cheese

Up bright and early and ready to go for a swim. This hopefully will be a theme of my two weeks at home and in the absence of jury service. Just having a sit at the

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It’s a jungle out there

Walking through the alleyway on the way home from my photography class last night I heard someone coming up behind me suddenly bursting into song.

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your …

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I’m here, looking at the trees.
They look so tired after a day of pounding.
The sun (I see) is setting in the west and the clouds are scooting wildly across the tops of the ash and elder.
Who would …

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Wainwright Coast to Coast Day 0

travel to St Bees

This is the first video from our coast to coast walk back in May. These are pretty rudimentary videos but they give you an idea of the walk as we did it and for me serve …

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No goodbye

He turned for one last look at the children and walked away. They carried on playing with their friends, laughing and screaming as kids do, taking no notice of the fact that he was going. Turning a corner he was …

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The old knickers on head routine

Another in the series of Avant Garde creations at where Anne demonstrates one of her old pub tricks.

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Bought a sports jacket from this shop for Hannah’s Christening partyin 1994. A very bright cobalt blue it was.

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The rules of Shuttleswap.

The basic game shall consist of two players sat side by side. Each player shall have a badminton racket and one shuttlecock between them.

The rackets are held out in front of the players with a flat surface facing upwards. …

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the early bird – 3rd law of tinternet part 5

click here for part 4

I wonder what the birds think at dawn when no man is around. Contempt I would imagine for why would anyone want to miss the best part of the day? The early worm will have …

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the post

with no name

Lying in bed listening to the Sunday service on the wireless. Not really listening. It’s just on. I woke up several times during the night and sometime after 5 remember lying there wondering why on earth I

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Scenes from Fenella Beach in winter

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Such a small wall created such a big divide

This is what remains of the Berlin Wall (photo taken February 2013).

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Saturday. This morning I picked up a beef joint from Fosters Butcher. A double rib. It’s Hannah’s farewell meal and “something with gravy” was requested. Rib of beef it is. The gravy is going to be a work of art. …

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Leave my cake alone
I’m keeping it for my tea
If you go and eat it
There’ll be none left for me

Leave my cake alone
I’ve hidden it from my mummy
If she went and found it
It would …

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3rd Law Part 47 – I was up at half past three

Tiredness is not normally a productive state of mind.  I thought I’d see what came out. Tonight I am tired. Not dead beat tired, almost asleep on my feet tired. Just a been up since 3.30 am tired that  I …

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Not all of January, written down

A partial diary from the month of January 2018, innit…

1st January 2018

There’s a ring to it, 1st January. It’s a beginning. It’s also a somewhat arbitrary starting point but it’s where we are at. Today is the first

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driver talk

The suspension on this one can be quite firm. If you are looking for passenger comfort you want a Mercedes.

Conversation overheard whilst passing a parked coach, one driver talking to another.

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Guest Beers at the Victoria April 1st 2010

Mauldon’s Cuckoo (4.3%) £3.05
Dixons Colour of Spring (4.2%) £2.95
Butcombe Gold (4.4%) £3.15
Batemans Eggs-B (4.2%) £2.95

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Get yer meat ere. C’mon darlin yev nevver seen such a good deal. Feed the family fer a week. Larvley bit o steak. Pork chops, you can cook em with a bit of apple sauce. Shove in a bit o …

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