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Homeless Dog

Copy of homeless_dog_

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We are moving him into retirement flats at the weekend

We are moving him into retirement flats at the weekend. It’s a one way ticket. They never make it out again you know. Kiss goodbye to life pop. Sure we will turn up on a Sunday and take him for …

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Laandan again innit

dinner with Tom and Hannah tonight

London bound again. It was foretold. No rain but pleasantly cooler autumnal conditions. I’ve taken my C2C raincoat just in case.

Sausage sandwich with a glass of milk for breakfast. I need to

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Westgate Stores

the Burton Road Strip

Can we stop off
On the way home
From school for sweets?

We can stop off
On the way
To the pub for fags!

(If takeaways aren’t on
Tonight’s menu)

Load up on the way home…

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Can’t quite remember now where I took this pic though I could probably work it out from the metadata and a look at my calendar if I was that bothered. It looked good. It tasted good. By golly it was …

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Guest Beers at the Victoria April 1st 2010

Mauldon’s Cuckoo (4.3%) £3.05
Dixons Colour of Spring (4.2%) £2.95
Butcombe Gold (4.4%) £3.15
Batemans Eggs-B (4.2%) £2.95

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Wednesday – the leaving of Luxembourg

snow at the airport

Had a pleasant time in Luxembourg although these meetings are always exhausting. The hotel was pretty average – soft mattress and below par breakfast but the problem is that finding places to host a couple of …

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The Art of Government

As a Crown Representative for technology, working out of the Cabinet Office, I get to attend meetings in some interesting and unique places around Whitehall. As a painter myself, I’m often impressed by – and sometime in awe of – …

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Baker’s Dozen?

Work this one out. It’s at Tesco.

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The Ex Drip

The drip is no more – it has ceased to be.
No more sleepless nights for me.

Tap, tap… taptaptap….. tap… taptap….
The duvet over the head, the radio on,
At last a rhythm to take me to oblivion.…

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3rd Law Part 8 – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3rd Law Part 7

The concert had its good bits and some bits where the violins strained a bit – everyone is tired on a Friday night, but these occasions are the whole point of playing an instrument. I didn’t …

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The Definitive Beetroot Sandwich

the definitive beetroot sandwich recipe

The beetroot sandwich can be a magnificent part of your culinary repertoire.

1 Large, crusty, unsliced white loaf
1 Jar pickled baby beets
Salt to taste

1 x side plate (or larger …

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Cheese – a poem for Stella

There are lots of different kinds of cheeses

Some with holes and some, which when you smell ‘em

blows your socks off to your kneeses

filling your head with lots of sneezes.


Not all cheese is holy,

except when eaten

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

And this dawns a new era on Philosopherontap. As a friend of Tref’s, and a frequent traveller, I will be sharing my journeys across our beautiful planet through the photos that I take.


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Sunday morning 3rd March

Espresso on, coffee pot noises

Half a grapefruit, livener

ClassiF cM

Moment of reflection, shiver through shoulders

Anne’s thought for the day: Hannah looks like Anti Ann apparently

Just had my jobs list read out to me. It’s the longest …

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here I come

Sat in total silence, coach 8 seat 45, 08.55 Eurostar St Pancras to Paris. I’m wearing my Bose headphones again. They continue to impress. The beautiful thing about them is the fact that I can still hear …

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17th September 2004

Dear Mr Jones,

Sorry to hear that you are still unwell. We hope and trust that you will undergo a full recovery and be back amongst us at William Farr School as soon as possible. This is particularly important as …

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My family home

At number fifty four

There is a house in Severn road
And it’s number fifty four
Where neighbours thought there lived ten kids
And were shocked to discover four more

There was Kath and john, me dad and mom
And …

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