bye bye don

If you ever find you’ve woken up far too early just head downstairs and spend some time online. I came down at 5.30am and it is now 06.10 and nearly time to make the tea. The fact that it isn’t …

Sober October Day 1

Not a difficult day to start Sober October. It’s a Monday at home in Lincoln. Wouldn’t normally have a beer on this day anyway. The challenges are going to come at the weekends and when staying away.

Tomorrow night we

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BBQ & bye bye GBBO

another scorcher and apples

First day back in the pool for a while. Hardly anyone there. The only person in my lane was the old biddy who keeps stopping to talk to people and is erratic in her choice of

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Tree Surgery

had to move the cars innit

Another great night’s kip. This is what a quiet night in does for you. Today is Tuesday. It’s just another day. It will be marked, unremarkably, by a trip or two to the tip,

My brain isn’t empty yet

My brain isn’t empty yet. It needs totally clearing before I can start writing again. I don’t mean writing blog posts. I mean the creative stuff.

Not sure it’ll happen in Bucharest. Too much going on. My plan is

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The return journey with greenjumperman

There’s something about international train stations. Perhaps it’s because by and large we don’t have them in the UK, the Eurostar out of St Pancras being the exception. Seeing the names of what are to me exotic destinations up on …

3rd Law Part 62 – the sun sets another time

Sunset over the North Sea

Classified ads.

Berth wanted

Aspiring world traveller would like berth in boat headed for exotic shores. Adventure welcome. Prefers to avoid pirates.

A few clarifications will be useful here. Skegness does not count as an exotic shore. Neither does Clacton …

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3rd Law Part 61 – ritin n stuff

I was going to do a section of writing using just speech to text. I once did this on twitter and it came up with a wonderfully creative random set of words that bore scant relation to the original spoken …

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3rd Law Part 59 – the right path

You have to walk the path. Keep off the grass. If requested. There will be a sign. Usually a small metal rectangle embedded in the grass itself. Green. Both sign and grass, though the lettering on the sign will be …

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3rd Law Part 57 – early morning in Peel

The sea is calm. Occasional waves run feebly up the beach. A fishing boat ambles across my field of view and I can see the mountains of Mourne, shadowy forms in the far distance. The herring gulls congregate loudly and …

3rd Law Part 56 – cricket

We need 34 runs to avoid the follow on. To the uninitiated this may seem a strange state of affairs. How can a game in which we appear to be suffering a real hammering at the hands of the opposition, …

3rd Law Part 55 – the boat

The boat. The first class lounge. The whispered conversation. Much rustling of biscuit packets, complimentary. We haven’t left the quayside yet. The lounge is almost full. That isn’t meant to happen. First class is supposed to be prohibitively expensive. The …

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3rd Law 54 – The Woodpigeon

The woodpigeon is the heartbeat of the early morning in our back garden. We’d prefer it were something else as these big birds are noisy and unattractive. I guess they have just as much right to exist as any other …