Yum yum – really good recipe

lamb and chorizo burger

Mix a pound of minced lamb with a wodge of chopped chorizo. Add a couple of chopped red chillies, a hunk of coriander, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Split into four burgers and hand shape. …

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Mr Blue Sky

I had to upload this photo as a contrast with the shot from the summit of Snowdon last weekend. It was, as may be seen, taken in London under clear blue skies. It is a fairly rare sight in the …

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The perfect bacon sandwich

bacon sandwich – food of the gods

Food seems to be a theme of the moment. This time we are featuring the humble bacon sandwich.  I say humble but really the bacon sandwich is royalty in the culinary world on …

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French national anthem a la philosopherontap

Na na na naa naa naa naa naaa na na

Na naa na naa naa, naa na naaa

Na na na naa naa naa naa naaa na na

Na naa na naa naa, naa na naaa

Na na naa naa …

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Sign of the times

speaks for itself. sign of the times – a bus stop in Hamburg.

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The fridge runner

The extreme sport of fridge running as demonstrated at the Lincoln 10k race. Fridge running is a latter day phenomenon, largely because the refrigerator is a relative new invention in the timeline of the modern era. One hundred years ago, …

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Soup and fork

Latest in a series of surreal photos not taken by Salvador Dali. A fusion of food and art. click on the photo to find out where we were.

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Sounds like a version of an Arabic greeting – Middle Eastern language meets Italian food item. Eat and greet.

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Lincoln A to Z S seven, legendary plot

Did Roman legions march up Bunkers Hill, battling their way through traffic to Skegness? As they left the safety and confines of their city was it understood they were passing a special place? Maybe.

Did St Hugh tending his stone-carrying …

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We toil

Do not be fooled.
These streets, paved with gold,
glisten with bent back sweat,
dripped and sleeve dried of narrow eyes
that hurt in the salt soaked sunshine
and half moon light.
No riches.
Simple broken ends, hammered by the …

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The long slow death of an elderly elephant

In collaboration with the Funkypancake studios.

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bright eyes


bright eyes watch
ripple shudders
penetrating heat
hisss es

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No place to hide

The end of the road is a long long way
and with storm clouds gathering
there is no place to hide,
I think of the friends I have left behind
and wonder what they are doing,
wish they were with …

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STOP in the name of love!

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