Wragby Road as sunset approaches in February

Delicate colours here. Not much traffic. February. Freezing cold. Naked trees. Almost a hybrid of photograph and painting.

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The crack

It is the role of art to make you think. It’s not always a cotton wool existence. Sometimes you have to cringe, retreat inside your outer protective layers. Grimace whilst staring illogically at what you see in front of you. …

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She packs em in

She packs em in the old Mona Lisa. Never seen such crowds stood in front of a picture before. Got to the front after a while and took a few shots. Mainly because everyone else was doing the same thing. …

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A good start to a day

It’s another Sunday morning here in the Shire, and a fine one at that. Today Anne is playing host to our friend Natalia’s baby shower. A dozen or so worthy females will be descending on our house this lunchtime to …

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68 Euro fine

Slightly risky this, getting the camera out in the gents loo. Had to be done though. This sticker needed capturing for posterity. What caught my eye was not the fact that smoking is forbidden in the toilet. That makes sense …

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The bell in the window of the top floor at Le Procope

This is a famous bell. Le Procope is the oldest cafe in Paris. It was frequented by philosophers such as Voltaire and contained a printing press. On the top floor there was a bell in the window. When something had …

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The girl in the window

Go on. Click on the picture. It’s a window. There is a girl in the window. She is looking at the scene outside. Who is she? What is she thinking?

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It is better to light one small iCandle

Than to lie alone in the darkness

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Just desserts

More art of a culinary nature. It has since been destroyed. Artistic vandalism with its own artistic merit.

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Apple and blackberry pie

It is winter. The chicken is in the oven, stuffed with breadcrumbs, herbs, bacon and dried apricot. The potatoes are par boiling before accompanying the fowl and the parsnips, French beans, carrots and sprouts are all prepared and ready for …

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Shoes, randomly deposited

Randomly deposited pair of shoes. I used the word deposited in preference to discarded because their owner intends to return and wear them again. That isn’t to say they will be where he left them as his mother will have …

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Twilight in the city

The featured image is of Lincoln Cathedral taken from Langworthgate on 3rd January just as it was getting dark. I was on my way to the Morning Star. The cathedral looks great at this time of day and I periodically …

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