the closing zip

Anne just called me on WhatsApp. Answered but it was clearly a misdial. She had just sent me a message. All I heard was the sound of a zip closing – obviously put her phone into her bag.

This is …

the curry

KEY INGREDS – no need to delete if we already have

Boneless mutton or lamb

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Ground turmeric

Cinamon stick

Coriander seeds

Black peppercorns

Fennel seeds


Curry leaves

Mustard seeds

Red onions

Deggi mirch chilli powder…

Exhibit A

Breadknife on beech butcher’s block, March 2018. The knife is part of a set that was purchased some years ago and is regularly used for the purpose of slicing bread.…

unwanted toast

unbuttered and unmourned

At first sight you wouldn’t know this toast was unwanted. It was brought to the table in anticipation of butter being spread on one side and then devoured as an accompaniment to the full English that lay …

Sycamore seeds

fall on stony ground

best place for them. we don’t want them on our lawn.…

bread and jam

test caption

strawberry conserve with champagne

simple things in life

Part of the role of art in our society is to challenge the established order. This photograph does this very successfully, posing the question “is this bread the wrong way round”.…