The Accordionist

at Castle Hill

I was in the Bail waiting for John to finish his sax lesson. An accordionist was playing in Castle Hill so I went along and sat on the bench right next to him. It was a beautiful …

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Yes we have no


If I had a favourite fruit it might be the banana.

I am sure that somewhere in my past the banana sandwich has played its part. It is something I should probably revisit. Buttered crusty white bread with ripe

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escalator by Tref

A letter to Tom, Hannah, Joe and John

Alright you lot? Just on the Eurostar zooming through the countryside Belgium bound. No idea where we are but I think still in la belle France. I’m listening, very appropriately, to Jacques …

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on a bed of blue floral material

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where’s ya bin

bins – no further comment required

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. On this occasion I am not totally sure what thousand words I’d have used instead of the picture. The picture is of bins in our front drive. …

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It’s the 1 that I want

a font of useful information

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avocado avo cado av ocado

We should perhaps have a food category on this site but we don’t. Guacamole on its own is not a particularly attractive dish. It needs something to go with it. Tortilla chips certainly. Generally guac, …

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fishslice photography

or phishslice fotography

Fishslice photography is a new genre of art whereby objects are seen through a fishslice. The main subject is brought into sharp relief against a metallic foreground that reveals both some of the backdrop behind the camera …

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Weber Rotisserie

roast pork

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very comfortable

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Ready to rocket?

condom in your pocket

Image courtesy of Barry O’Donovan taken in a pub toilet somewhere in Dublin. He thought it would make the good basis of a blog post. Not sure I can think of anything to write that would …

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Last Admittance

This has to be a very civilized pub. No mention of last orders. Just last admittance. Last orders is in fact when the last customer drinks up or when the landlord decides he’s had enough and want’s to go to …

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Sea views

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tyre on beach

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