The gents toilet at the West End Tap

The nature of this subject being as it is the toilet is only photographed in a mirror. The toilet itself must presumably exist but the inclusion of a mirror into the shot creates a question mark in our minds. We …

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Pretty cool. A small piece of Spain in deepest London.

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Bookcase at the Bookstop Cafe

Featuring the Abandoned Sandy Shoe and Other Chinks in the Curtains of Life

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Sunday afternoon at the Strugglers

We were taking a walk, Joe and I. Sunday afternoon. The Joseph Banks Conservatory had just closed so we carried on past the castle. Steve was unloading his guitar and audio kit from the car in the car park next …

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In the early hours and minutes…

It’s definitely light but the world is still waking up. I go downstairs into the kitchen and boil the kettle guided by the weakly permeating rays of the sun. A robin pecks away at the bird feeder outside and two …

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Restricted Zone

This is a restricted zone. No unauthorised access. Personnel without appropriate permissions will be removed by armed guard, locked in the Castle dungeon and forgotten about. By order of the Bishop of Lincoln


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Wragby Road as sunset approaches in February

Delicate colours here. Not much traffic. February. Freezing cold. Naked trees. Almost a hybrid of photograph and painting.

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The crack

It is the role of art to make you think. It’s not always a cotton wool existence. Sometimes you have to cringe, retreat inside your outer protective layers. Grimace whilst staring illogically at what you see in front of you. …

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She packs em in

She packs em in the old Mona Lisa. Never seen such crowds stood in front of a picture before. Got to the front after a while and took a few shots. Mainly because everyone else was doing the same thing. …

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The girl in the window

Go on. Click on the picture. It’s a window. There is a girl in the window. She is looking at the scene outside. Who is she? What is she thinking?

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It is better to light one small iCandle

Than to lie alone in the darkness

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