Geoffrey Smith and Copernicus

Geoff Smith has by now been forgotten
Not remembered by his peers
– they’re all dead
He was a single, simple man,
A gardener who liked his life
Although he died never really
Knowing what it was all about
But …

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The Waggon and Horses (1984)

Yellow, smoke stained walls alive,
Breathless, coughing back an
Evening’s abuse of much abused bodies
Shoulders hunch over enlargened stomachs
And half filled glasses; half empty
Promises of better times, unkept, uncaring

Sallow, time engraved carvings on
Faceless faces, well …

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Factory II – Duet

This is a duet with both parts to be read simultaneously.

The soul destroying factory – buzzum click
Eats away at the brain – buzzum buzz
Like a maggot let loose – buzzum click
Driving me wild – buzz buzz …

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Factory 1 – Personality never was!

The moderns factory
No whirling cogs
Or cranking shafts
Clanking through steam
And greasy bearings.

I look around
Even the bins
Are clean but I
Can hide behind
The noise that shrouds
This place in silence.

I scream a silent …

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Lazy Days In Deepest Summer

Under clear blue cloudless bowl of sky
Lay I, with sweet smelling grasses and
Wing-fluttered butterfly, accompanying crickets
Chorus in the meadow hedge
And small boys search and stoop to
Scoop them into jam jar summer cells.

Into the cooler …

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1984 – 1986

The 1984 – 1986 series of poems are ones written in those years. They have been in a book in one of my¬†drawers since then and never looked at. I hadn’t actually realised that there were more than one …

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The Demise of a Co-Human

In scarcely a shelter of frost-bitten briar
A tramp slept soundly his last night of sleep
A bottle of whisky, last drunk of at midnight
Lay empty beside him poor company to keep.

Oaken boughs cracked and small ponies shivered…

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Middle class suburban Sunday
Boredom, traditional and tedious
Black and white film on television
Followed by Dickens and religion.

Outside the rain falls steadily
Clouds closing sooner, a soon
Forgotten afternoon of Monopoly,
Tea and quarrelling with sisters.

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