I saw a leaf fall

I saw a leaf fall,
and thought to catch it
though this seemed futile as
I could not stem the flood
of those that would follow.

All I could do was sit there
looking out of the window
at the …

The tree skeletons

The tree skeletons
Stand out in the fields
As I pass by,
Their stark, nakedness
Presenting no embarrassment
As might such frankness of expression.

In a time of want and austerity.
The countryside around is barren
But the coat of …

The crash of the glass!

The crash of the glass
Came as a sudden shock
Though looking back
I can see it in slow motion
As the coat swept across the table
And knocked it to the floor.

The connection with the hard tiles
Set …

The woman on the train

The woman on the train
Would have been quite attractive
But for the disturbance
That kept the smile from her lips.

Her phone call bore no fruit,
“It” hadn’t arrived yet and
She arranged to call back
On the way …

It’s cold and bright in Albion tonight

It’s cold and bright in Albion tonight
Though the snow covered fields
Have little to reflect
From the greyness of the cloud laden sky.
Tonight the owl hunts in vain
As nothing else stirs,
The silence of its glide
Amplified …

Hole In The Wall

Personal yet impersonal,
Grubby and soulless,
Addictive, without joy
Source of money, sometimes –
Swallow hard.

Herald of bad news,
Card swallower.

Watch your bent back
In litter-strewn streets
Of cloned city centres

All in all it’s just
Another hole …

The Box

At arms length from other boxes
On the outskirts of town stands a box,
Poorly protected by a flimsy slat fence
A thin hedge takes the full blast of the wind
Across the bare fields and over the quarry below.…

It’s Cold And It’s Damp

It’s cold, wet and miserable.
We are back to the normal British winter.
One or two smiles break the gloom
At Kings Cross station
But they are the exception.
People don’t smile in London.

The waiting room is warm and …

Winter Tennis

It’s freezing point
On the tennis court
Though the action is hot.

Vestigial muscles rediscovered,
Youthful opposition forces the pace,
Balls blaze a trail in the crisp January morning.

Breath hangs in the air,
The score hangs in the balance,…

A few days to Christmas

Six sorry looking taxis standing in a rank

Five days to go but

Only four small turkeys left at the butchers.

Three ducks scooting across the water, surely cold.

Two bag laden Christmas shoppers, heads bowed into the drizzle



I sit in the window enjoying breakfast at my leisure,
Taking in the traffic on the pavement outside.
It is cold out there and
The anonymous scurriers are
Wrapped up against the biting December wind.
They have been up early …

The Graveyard Of The Chelsea Tractor

Rusting metal mingles with rubber, glass and orange plastic.
Decay, a by-product of self-destructing self-worship.
The smell of oil and dirt, torn leather and plastic,
Badges of affectation, discarded on urban wastelands
And picked over by the poor.
Born of …