cooker repair man

Just tuned in to the weekly sales call. Muted with no camera. Just listening in. Like to stay in touch with what’s going on. Stayed there less than five minutes. Boring.

This morning the big news is that we are anticipating a visit from the cooker repair man, whoever he is. The old repair man isn’t in the game anymore apaz and this one has taken ages to nail down. If he is the only cooker repair man in town he must be quite busy. The left hand oven clicks constantly as if it is trying to light the gas flame even though it is already lit and the right hand oven doesn’t come up to temperature. Needs sorting obvs.

The everyday story of life in Lincoln in 2023. You share the highs, the lows and the visit from the cooker repair man. Can’t say that is either a high or a low but there will almost certainly be a brief period of elation if he fixes the problem(s). We also have Tom the Tree man coming in December for the usual annual hedge trim. You heard it first.

Quite a busy week ahead actually. Off to Manchester for a couple of nights on Wednesday. I quite like going to Manchester, for a couple of nights. Not staying in the Hiton this time as Wayne says it has gone downhill a lot. Normally my only reason for staying there (points apart) is its proximity to the convention centre but I’m not going there anyway this trip.

The leaves on the lawn are becoming noticeable. This weekend might see us getting the blower out. See how it goes. The deck in front of the shed certainly needs sorting. My feet keep bringing leaves in. Untidy or what?

The cooker repair man’s name was Chris. Annoyingly the clicking sound on the left hand oven had gone away. The other problems persist and we need to send details of the cooker model when we can find the booklet. Hmm. It wasn’t in the box identified by THG over the phone. Leave it with me 🙂

THG has some mates around for lunch so I’m in da shed with a bowl of soup heated up before any of them arrive. V nice soup fair play. Some sort of spicy chicken with spinach and a variety of veg. Home made obvs.

Listening to some tunes. Roxy Music, The Police. In a good frame of mind. Positive. Why not? Sat in the TV room with ma phones on so I don’t have to hear the programme THG is watching. Some “find out who I am” documentary/reality tv thing. I’m a real snob when it comes to TV. Ain’t many programmes that cut it for me. Got a book. No worries. Crazy little thing called love. THG 🙂My head is bobbing around. Nodding. I’m glad I can’t hear the telly.

Sitting with ma gurl is nice. I’ve known her for thirty seven years. Wow. Thirty seven years!

Ancient empty streets too dead for dreaming. Bob Dylan’s poetry. Pure genius. Not sure about Bob himself.

By Trefor Davies

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