Lockdown 2

Deep frost

Deep frost out there this morning. I’ve set the fire. It should light itself from yesterday’s embers but if not will help it along. Also have a pot of cawfee on the go at the request of the lovely Mrs Davies.

Today is the Sabbath. In the UK. Sunday 10th January. The virtual church service which has lately been dogged by technical problems and not therefore been streaming is going out as a prerecorded gig. I don’t know how many of the faithful tune in but the church is staying in the game. The institution will have had to survive much greater hazards than covid

Despite being a day of rest I sense that some jobs will still get done. Replace kitchen light bulb sounds doable. I only just noticed it was on the list so it must have sneaked on yesterday. It shall be done. That is the purpose of having an online list. Of the two porch door  bolt handles the top one seems to have been fixed but the bottom one needs some more work. May well have another go at that one this am.

Four paragraphs in and the fire is alight. Very satisfying when that happens. Not everyone is any good at lighting fires you know 🙂

The house is quiet. Not much traffic on the road. It is early, cold and we are locked down, I guess. During the first lockdown my hair grew longer than it had ever been. It came as a relief to eventually get it cut. However I can see the same happening again. Will need to dig out the Alice bands again. No idea where they got to. My biggest issue first time around was managing the beard. Not being a beard aficionado I didn’t do a good job of keeping it trimmed which put me off having it really. See how it goes this time. Maybe I’ll invest in a trimmer!

Winter never really arrives in the UK until January. December is typically quite a miserable month weather wise. How often do we get a white Christmas? “Not very often Tref”. January is real winter and comes with the low light levels that make you hanker after sunnier times. This year I shall be heading neither to St Moritz for the skiing nor Moustique for the winter sun. Not a skier anyway since I broke my leg on a school skiing trip to Italy. Not a sun seeker either 🙂 What am I? You don’t need to answer that 🙂

By Trefor Davies

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