Nous vous prions

Patrolled the first floor of the Davies mansion this morning at 5.30am. Was listening out to see if I could hear any signs of squirrels returning to the attic. Don’t think I could hear anything but the mind certainly plays games on you. I suspect any audible sounds were my stomach or something outside the house. 

Reminds me when, as yoof of 17, I was on night watch on the sail training schooner the Malcolm Miller. We were in the English channel and I kept imagining I could see something in the distance. Was only my eyes playing games.

There is something quite magical about being up at that time of day. Don’t recall exactly the time but it would have been something like 2am. Let’s say 4 bells on the middle watch. Cup of hot chocolate to keep you going.

I just looked up the Malcolm Miller. She was sold in the year 2000 along with her sister ship the Winston Churchill which does fill me with some melancholy. I would have sailed on her around 1979. They must have reached the end of their useful service and have now been replaced by other sailing ships. Strange that a ship, which we traditionally refer to as feminine, would have male names. Slifeinnit. I’d love to go again.

Walking around the house this morning I stopped to look out of the windows of various bedrooms. It’s amazing how much traffic there is at that time of day. Our own cars looked lifeless in the wet front drive. Sleeping beasts waiting to be brought into life.

In other news got the nod that my certificate of air quality is on its way:

Nous vous prions de bien vouloir trouver en pièce jointe votre facture relative à votre commande de certificat de qualité de l’air concernant le véhicule immatriculé xxxxxxx.

Votre certificat sera expédié prochainement par courrier à l’adresse de livraison indiquée lors de la commande.

Dans l’attente, cette facture vous permet de justifier de votre démarche et du classement de votre véhicule.

Veuillez agréer, Madame, Monsieur, nos salutations distinguées.

Le service de délivrance des certificats de qualité de l’air

Need it apparently when entering certain conurbations in La Belle France. Was (surprisingly) relatively painless to apply for and considering I wasn’t totes sure what some of the questions in French were really asking me my form filling seems to have worked. Bien.

When I was at school we had to study a foreign language. The choice was usually French or German and I went for the former. I naturally assume that most people, at least in my age bracket, had to do the same. It surprises me how many folk I know have little understanding of any foreign language. 

All our kids studied French and one of them took it to degree level. When I listen to said offspring speak French I am amazed at her accent. I don’t really bother trying to get the accent right. My philosophy is that as long as they can understand what I’m trying to say then that is fine. N’est pas? Shrugs shoulder.

Dois y aller. il est temps de faire le thé 🙂

PS I did run google translate on the email – just to be sure 🙂

Later, the pesky squirrel has been heard again. Need to persevere with the hunt.

By Trefor Davies

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