Of cereal and salmon

A sloe start tue the day. Bowle of serial with fruit and now sat lukeing at various webbsights. FIrstly tonight’s duck recipe hasbeen sorted as ha tomorrers pork casserole.

Sorry I can’t continue like that. Takes longer to write. I’ve checked out various recipes and looked up food carbon footprints. I’m not sure what the right answer is but I need to lose weight so I’m just going to cut down on the quantity. That is the theory anyway 🙂

Also looked at ground based heat pumps and I suspect it won’t make sense for us. We are however sticking in double glazing on all our front windows. The ones at the back have been done already – the back of the house is south facing and gets all the weather. So hopefully the addition of better insulation at the front will not only make a difference to the warmth of the house but also cut down on our use of gas. Might also find a cover for our open fire, or make one.

Will be investigating the carbon offset schemes suggested by some Facebook friends, particularly to compensate for our use of petrol and diesel.

Couple or three jobs knocked off the list that if they were going to be done today needed doing this morning on account of the quality afternoon of sport ahead on the digital display.. Garage tidied, cardboard boxes shifted and replacement bayonet light bulbs fitted. Garage apart these aren’t big jobs but if they aren’t on the list I don’t notice that they need doing. If I lived alone in this house it would soon degenerate into a tip. Next up I need to head to the Rose of Waite for some essential supplies: caviar, kumquat and oysters. Only Joeking. Innit.

Shopping shopped, bacon lardons bought together with a few other bits for the weekend meals and some wild pacific sockeye salmon that was on offer. Waitrose has a plethora of smoked salmon offerings but none of them really fit the bill. It all appears to be farmed stuff otherwise the packaging would say. The pacific salmon has a better texture than the other stuff in my mind but comes with the baggage of lots of food miles. Feels a tad incongruous.

Consider the nature of the fish. Swimming happily in the Pacific one minute quite pleased with itself for avoiding killer whales and dolphins and the next minute caught, smoked, frozen and stuck in the hold of an aircraft. Ah well. Might try sourcing some decent Scottish salmon.

By Trefor Davies

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