poems by children

Once Again.

Gas, gas, gas,
I see a cloud of yellow,
Rolling on towards us searching for its prey,
My sergeant bellows, gas masks men come on quick,
I stand paralysed in fright, then fumble desperately to see the light,
It drifts towards us like a ghost in the night,
My fellow soldier standing next to me,
Crumples & falls, lies choking & writhing,
Suddenly he stops, lies still as a stone,
As if this cloud has sucked all the life & death out of him, leaving just an empty shell,

Men are yelling, falling, dying as I come to my senses,
The gas has gone but more terror has begun,
Bang, bang, bang a machine gun whirs, as if it will never end,
Then silence and nothing is heard,
I am standing among the dead,
My comrade is still beside me,
Eyes open, not seeing, not breathing, not living, just as still as stone.

And now 5 years later I stand in silence,
On the 11 day of the 11 month on the 11 hour,
To remember all the fallen,
Who will never see the light,
Never hear the laughter,
& will never remember anything again.

So you my fallen comrade,
I stand and in the silence remember you,
Once Again.

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