Railway companies of the United Kingdom

not necessarily an exhaustive list

but pretty impressive nonetheless and in no particular order

Great Western Railway
London and North Eastern Railway
London, …

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rain dances

noise thunders

The rain dances overhead as daylight moves out of sight to the West. Noise thunders. Dead leaves litter the garden. Wind rocks the branches of trees. I am inside, warm and glad.

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what can you do with a

partial keyboard


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rain on window

stays mainly in Lincoln

It’s horrible wet day out there. Opted to go to the gym this pm rather than a swim first thing. Healthy fruit and fibre for breakfast. Working on a quote on behalf of Netaxis and also

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tea for two


Another 5.30 am start. Sat here in the TV room doing a bit of work on JoeFest. Had a glass of wine at the Southwells when I went to pick up Anne, Erica and John last night. Then got

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output gastronomic

Up I am and dressed, two vests for winter,
Heating engaged, the house feels warm.

The gentlest of Saturdays, a visit to Waitrose
Leeks, carrots, lamb, tomorrow a prospect.

Creative juice transformed, output gastronomic,
Post indulgent slumber on sofa.

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What’s the capital of Albania?

2rly for that sort of question

8 teams in the pub quiz at the Eastgate. We came joint 3rd. I think we were only 2 points or so behind the winners. As usual I didn’t get many answers. I’m totes

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The clock

occasionally useful

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no title necessary

just me and the music

The Duke plays quietly in the corner. The band’s eyes are shut, concentrating on the job in hand. Focussing on the music. Soul. I can see the Duke caressing the piano. The drummer, lost behind

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Still Life

still the leaves fall

Gentle start to the day. Anne has taken John to school and is then off downtown so I am going solo this morning. Her parting shot was “there are some sausages that need using up”. What

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Beti George Interview

Radio Cymru

Nice int with Beti George (@bethdimoyn) yesterday at BBC Radio Cymru although my my Welsh vocab wasn’t really good enough to explain my position on politics and religion. Never mind. It’s going out a fortnight

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morning after

The Online Arts Festival

Up at 5.30 am this morning. A comment made by Colin Dudman last night made me think. Colin was debating whether to have one final glass of wine before going. It was getting late. He had

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Mortgage applied for

Good night’s kip. Awake at 6.15 and downstairs to book a hotel for Tom in Sheffield using my HHonors account and Amex. It’s  all about avios and Anne and my first class jaunt somewhere far away in 2 years time.

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Supermoons and fresh yeast

early to rise?

Up at 6.15 to make the tea. Nice cuddle in warm bed. Now up and at it. Weetabix with blueberries. A day of getting bits and bobs done ahead of me. VAT return. Apple picking – still

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when madness levels reach fever pitch

try the bucket of sand method

Take one large bucket and roughly two thirds fill with sand. Any kind of sand will do so you can choose based on personal preference. Any kind of bucket will also do. It just

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The news is the dough hasn’t risen in the tin. I’ll spare you the photo. This is the second time in a row this has happened. I suspect the yeast. Having just looked at the container it says refrigerate

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honk that saxophone

Silent night holy night

Anne was practising the sax and this tune entered my head. She is getting ready for her first major performance at our Christmas party. The light is fading outside. I am sat in the kitchen listening

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shop simply



white onions

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wet Sat


Breakfast time and Anne is tucking into a healthy porridge with grapes or some such fruity ingredient. I’m just biding my time before a bacon sandwich. Bit of poetry there. I’m not going to elaborate on the bacon sandwich

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Friday evening

after the walk

eleven miles, wild deer, pheasant shoot, muddy verges, White Hart, fish’n chips, Tom Wood, sore feet, sore crotch, approaching dusk, shady hedgerows, drive home, warm bath, beef fajita, full belly, stiff limbs, glowing cheeks, tired tref, early

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