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I am sat in a 4 hour conference call that began at 8am and which I arranged. The tone of the conversation is custom tags, groups, addresses, visual device management. It is my meeting but really I am only here as the organiser and to field any business related questions. I’ve spent some time on Facebook and read the “papers”.

Here is some interesting non-political, non-covid, non brexshit news today and that is the discovery that the Stonehenge stone circle was originally in Wales where it stood for 400 years before moving to Wiltshire. They have found holes in the ground that exactly match the stones now at Stonehenge. Pretty amazing. What’s more is that the whole lot of them were lifted and dropped in identical orientation.

Mind blowing really. I can’t say I’d have wanted to be around in those days. There must have been some very powerful individuals involved to order such a project. Country-wide powerful. You think of the island of Britain being divided into lots of small kingdoms but the religious heads must have transcended these – think of the Orkney stone circles as well. People must have been given the time to devote to these religious projects. Wonder what project management techniques they used? Prince2? Whips probably.

Time would have gone by slowly I imagine – would have taken ages to setup the project. Lots of travelling back and forth. Life expectancy would not have been particularly high so the project would possibly have transcended generations.

2 hours 25 mins in. I’ve been doing other stuff in the meantime. The 249 words in the previous 4 paragraphs did not take that long to write. That would be very slow ritin. There is nothing wrong with taking time to write. If we were all able to give careful consideration to what went down on the page in front of us it might lead to a better output. I usually have to review what I’ve written before hitting the publish button. Usually this involves improving the English, inserting one word to replace four etc but also to correct typos due to my inexpert touch typing. I’m particularly prone to typos on my current Apple Magic Keyboard which has quite a small form factor.

The 4 hour job finished 20 mins early. Now eating a ham sandwich before my next call!

Have a super day. No I really mean it. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way. I have a question for you. If you didn’t shoot the deputy who did? One assumes it was in self defence. A rogue lawman on the loose killing innocent bystanders without discrimination. Don’t get caught in the crossfire. Keep your head down.

The planning for our trip to Tobago continues. Watched a TV prog last night about a boutique hotel in Castries, St Lucia. That’ll do for a stop en route I thought. Couldn’t reach the hotel website though. Suspect it was on a crappy hosting package and couldn’t cope with the load. This morning I got there and decided that the fifteen hundred or so a night wasn’t worth it. Looked v nice but felt we might be surrounded by glaze-eyed honeymooners. We need to have more to do than sit around in an infinity pool or lounge on the private beach under the shade of the coconut palms.

I made that last bit up. I’m not totes sure if they were coconut palms and coconut milk is vastly overrated. Sokay in a pina colada which I quite like occasionally when I’m on holiday in St Lucia.

I am now sorting out the menu for Valentines Day which is Sunday. I want to do some cooking. We aren’t talking Sunday roast or similar. Something different. My current thinking is mutton pepper fry with gunpowder potatoes and another side tbd. With maybe masala prawns or chicken tikka to start. Dishoom.

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