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Our youngest offspring John has today gained his majority. I think this is still 21 though it feels somewhat outdated as a milestone. Anyway I don’t normally discuss our kids much in public because they get cross so will not be saying much more other than to say that we are proud of him as a young man who is making things happen in his life.

All our kids fill us with pride although with the youngest now being 21 they are clearly no longer kids even though that’s how we refer to them in most circumstances. The age span is 21 – 29. Wow. Does make you think. My dad, who is 87 in a few days time thinks the same when he realises that his son is 59. 59! 

You have to be fairly philosophical about this. This is the year I turn 60. I am planning a big trefbash this year – 9th December. Usual venue: Phoenix Artist Club. Why change a winning recipe.

Sat in the shed for the usual Saturday morning Beyond The Woods management meeting. BTW is a well managed organisation. One of the exciting aspects of the business is that it is not run by me but by the next generation.

Later went to Waitrose to pick up some supplies. The queue went around the corner. Still I needed stuff so joned it. Took 15 mins to get in. Freezing cold. Plus they didn’t have everything (degi mirch chilli powder, long pepper powder, curry leaves, gram flour, atta chapati flour. This isn’t Mumbai you know.

Stopped of in the Bail to try the new shop that sells flour and seeds and stuff where you have to take your own container along. Although they did have gram flour they had none of the other ingredients and the 20 minutes it took was painful. First off I had to wait outside as they had reached the limit of numbers allowed in. Then I was allowed to move inside but had to wait in a queue to go upstairs. Finally when I did get upstairs there was a family with two irritating small kids messing about whilst the dad went through a list of things that he needed. I told them it was John’s 21st and that I was glad our family had moved on from the small kid stage.

Back home I did a few preparatory bits in readiness for tomorrow’s Dishoom nosh – mutton pepper curry, gunpowder potatoes and king prawn masala with chapatis, hopefully. Marinaded the lamb and set the marinade in motion for the prawns. This needs to strain through a muslin cloth in the fridge for 12 hours – needs to be dryish.

Now I’ve braved the elements in search of the sanctuary of the shed. Bloody cold and inhospitable out there. Another killer of a night ahead. The shed however is lovely and warm and a great place to watch the rugby. Currently England 8 8 Italy. Wales are on later. May the best team win. Wales!

It’s been a good day if you are a Welsh rugby fan. Yay. Watched it in isolation in the shed. Forced myself to have a gin and tonic or two. Not quite the pre match drinking starting with full breakfast and then steady consumption of beer until it is time to walk to the ground and get in just before the anthems.

Wales, against all the odds, are atop the 6 nations table and the only country left that can win the triple crown with England coming up in two weeks time. I won’t be going to the match but will be watching in the company of my mates via zoom.

If you’ve never been to Cardiff for a rugby international weekend your life is poorer for it. I am fortunate in that my sister Sue lives within reasonable walking distance of the ground. Hotels if you can get them cost a fortune. Outside of rugby weekends I do quite like to stay at the Hilton in Cardiff but only do that if Sue has a houseful. The drill is beer, rugby with more beer, beer and curry, beery sleep with much snoring. Great days out. 

Now watching the Great Mountain Sheep Gather. It’s on iPlayer on BBC 4. A stunning programme about gathering sheep off a mountain in the Lake District and bringing them down for shearing. I have watched it before and am glad it was requested by Anne who hasn’t yet seen it.

It’s only available for another 21 days but this feels as if it is a programme that should be permanently available for the good of the nation.

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