snooker of the moment

A bright daily commute this morning as the low November sun dazzled through the apple tree at the bottom of the garden. Not many branches left on the leaves.

The shed heater is now on and I am sporting the thick woolly Himalayan jumper procured from the Black Yak stall at last year’s Lincoln Christmas Market.  When next will Black Yak grace these parts!

A pre-pour pot of tea sits to my left on the desk. There is no urgency. Let it brew, let it brew, let it brew.

The year in business is approaching its climax. This morning I have already booked two LNER train journeys with several more to be arranged. Executed by app from the comfort of the bed. Seems to be far more reliable than the desktop site. 


Today I await news of the test embroidery run from the local printer. Customising a garment. More in due course. Also the last accessory for this year’s trefbash arrives today. I ordered a hundred Hawaiian garlands. This is to ensure that anyone rocking up in business attire has the means to blend in with those who have gone to the effort of coming in costume.

Also in other news the kids have reminded the family whatsapp group that Glasto tickets sales open (and close) this weekend. I am going to see if we can get some for this year only.

Now watching the snooker in the shed. Zhang v Ding! On in the background really. The beauty of not working in an office. I will never again work in an office, other than the shed. Aside from a (the) shed work is best done in bars and restaurants. I specialise in this kind of working environment.

Noticed that google keeps suggesting alternative grammar in sentences. Getting slightly annoying. For example when I typed “watching the snooker” google wanted me to change it to “watching snooker”. This demonstrates a lack of understanding of the use of language. It isn’t any old snooker, it is the snooker. The snooker of the moment.

By Trefor Davies

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