Eastgate by night

Eastgate was fairly empty despite the relatively early time of night. Off the main drag I suppose. My stride purposeful, the footsteps echoed off the walls of the shops and houses as I passed by. Then the cathedral loudly announced ten pm. The sound completely filled the air around me. What wondeful acoustics!

As the bells counted up I approached the Bailgate and the noise of revellers on their Friday night out began to compete with them. The party noise soon dominated and then the ringing stopped.

The Bail was very busy. Not being a night bird this took me by surprise. I made my way to the Strugglers to meet Terry and Mark and passed the windows of the Cloud Bar. The room was full of sophisticates dressed in their best and out to impress. Where did they come from? I noted @lesanto’s iQ car with personalised number plate.

At the pub a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord was waiting for me on the bar. I took off my coat and settled into the conversation.